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  1. Previous Schools: A small, liberal arts college in Maryland. Previous Degrees and GPAs: BA in Political Science and History, 3.8 GPA GRE Scores: 165 Verbal, 145 Quantitative, 4.5 Writing Previous Work Experience: 2 years on Capitol Hill, 1 campaign cycle as a Field Director, 1 year interning at a political consulting agency. Math/Econ Background: NONE! HAAAAAAA, I suck. Foreign Language Background: Um, I'm pretty good at one of Tolkien's Elvish dialects. Intended Field of Study in Grad School: MPP in Program Analysis with a concentration in Environmental/Energy Policy. Long Term Professional G
  2. Wow, this thread got some unexpected responses! CreamTea-- First off, nice username. Secondly, thank you for the reply. I've visited both as well, and SPP was really nice. That's what makes it such a tough call. And you're right, a lot of the professors did seem to be practitioners. I need to look into whether the same can be said of GW's. Flyingjellyfish-- Thanks for responding, I really appreciated what you had to say. It's good to know there are other people out there taking the more expensive route for the sake of their overall experience. Money is a leading factor, but I don't thi
  3. Maryland is a serious contender for me, but George Washington is still my frontrunner. It feels like an impossible choice between the two. I only have two weeks left to make the decision, and am no closer to making the call now than I was a month ago. I attended GW's admitted students' day the other week, and will be at UMD on April 4th. Anyone interested in meeting up beforehand so that we're not wandering around alone, don't hesitate to message me!
  4. As a DC native, I can tell you GW does have a better reputation. It's also ranked higher; US News and World Report had it at #50 nationally, and American at #77. Also, GW has an average acceptance rate of around 33%, whereas acceptance rates hover around 44% for American, making GW notably more selective. And everyone knows that, so people do tend to view it as the better school. Generally, DC universities are thought of this way (best to worst): 1. Georgetown 2. George Washington 3. American 4. Catholic 5. Howard 6. University of DC The difference between GW and AU isn't enormous
  5. Flyers-- Yes! I'm going on the 23rd. Send me a message if you want to meet up or anything. Also, I started a thread elsewhere but want to ask you guys: is GW's public policy program worth 20k more than University of Maryland's program? I got into both, but didn't get funding for either. Maryland would cost me 20k less given in-state tuition rates, which would allow me to live on campus if I chose. Whereas, with GW, I'd have to commute from home given the crazy expense. What would you do? 20k extra in debt for GW, or spare myself with Maryland? GW is my first choice, partly due to them
  6. I'd really love your insight here guys. My time is quickly running out to make this call. I've been accepted to several Public Policy programs, but didn't get a dollar of funding from any of them. So I'm looking at sticker price wherever I go. I've narrowed it down to either George Washington University's Trachtenberg School, or University of Maryland's School of Public Policy. GW's tuition would cost about 60k for the whole program, whereas Maryland's would only cost me 40k, since I'd get in-state tuition. That's a savings of 20k. With that savings, I could afford to live on campu
  7. I was just notified this morning that I was wait listed at GW for the MPA. *sigh* Does anyone have any experience with this? How likely it is to be accepted off the wait list?
  8. I've been wait listed at George Washington University for their Master's in Public Administration program. Does anyone have any experience and/or insight into GW? How likely or not likely is it that wait-listers get accepted? Or even approximately when we might know for sure, either way? I've never been wait listed before. Highly nerve-wrecking, but you guys are always so helpful so I figured I'd ask. Thank you!
  9. I struggled with something similar just a week or so ago. If you're worried about her phone call reflecting poorly on you (which was my concern, in my own case), you might just express that to her. You could put it as a question so that it doesn't seem ungrateful. Like, "Do you think there's any chance that a phone call would make me appear desperate or needy to the admissions committee?" And maybe she's had some experience with this in the past that might alleviate your fears. Can't hurt to ask! Also, in the same conversation, you could simply ask her if she'd be willing to outright T
  10. Yeah, I agree, my only concern with LSE would be finding a job afterwards. Like I said, it's a really amazing school, but everyone I know who went to grad school in London is still unemployed. There's just a major disconnect between the UK schools and the U.S. job market-- at least insofar as politics/IR/policy is concerned. But if LSE has a truly great career services center, that would help a lot. University of London and King's College didn't really help my friends with their job placements afterwards, so maybe LSE is different. Just be sure that LSE's career services department isn
  11. I'm interested in the answer to this question too. I've also applied for my MPP but would love the option to pursue my PhD down the line. For similar reasons as OP. Would this really be that weird? I know the MPP is a professional degree and not research-oriented like a traditional Master's in Political Science. But in many ways, the MPP is the application of political science, as opposed to merely the research of it. Would that be enough to get into a PhD program?
  12. I don't know too much about the Conflict Resolution program in particular, but of course, Georgetown is an incredible school. And they're very well-known for their politics/international relations/public policy expertise, so I would imagine that their Conflict Resolution program is well-respected. It falls in that same general wheelhouse. Also, if you're looking to work in D.C., it's hard to go wrong with Georgetown in any capacity. It's an especially good school to go to if you plan on making a career for yourself in the nation's capital. That being said, I wouldn't go ANYWHERE just b
  13. I've studied abroad at a UK university and have some experience with this. I'd need more information from you to really be of any help (namely, what kind of work are you hoping to get into, how important of a factor is the cost of attendance, etc). But here are some general thoughts: 1. LSE is a better school than American. Hands-down. It isn't even a contest. LSE is ranked top 20 in the world, whereas American University is only ranked 77 within the US. So, globally, it probably doesn't even break the top 200. LSE is like Ivy League in the UK. It's a big deal. 2. That being said, just
  14. My ApplyYourself account currently says, "your application is under review." It used to just say, "your application is complete." Anyone know how long it usually takes to go from "under review" to a decision? I know that depends on the school, just curious what your guys' experiences have been.
  15. Kingofqueens-- Thanks, I'll go look at that forum now. I noticed the "3-4 weeks" estimate on their website as well, but it doesn't seem anyone has actually had that experience. I suppose we'll see. Good luck to you, as well! Faraday-- Thank you! I hope you're right; I've had friends who didn't have all their acceptances/rejections back before April 15, and it really threw their whole academic career for a loop. I appreciate your reply. PubHist-- I've never applied to UMD before so I can't say for sure. I know that, this year, decisions will be posted to our applications under "check yo
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