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  1. My general impression, based on nothing but my own observations, is that it is possible to get admitted with little work experience if you have exceptional grades. If you feel your application is superior in all aspects besides work experience, I think it's worth a shot to apply. Worst case you lose $100 on the application, you get some work experience, and you apply again later.
  2. The way I see it, the first thing you must do is answer the question that no one else can answer for you: Do I want to be a lawyer? If you're still uncertain about the answer then I strongly suggest you reconsider law school, because the time, money and effort it takes to go to law school is absolutely no joke. You had better not take that on unless you are sure that is the career you want. As far as choosing between GSPIA and NPSIA, here are the main factors I am currently weighing: funding scheme job opportunities post-grad opportunity to do a master's thesis opportunity to pursue a specialized field opportunity to participate in co-op program opportunity to participate in international exchange quality of professors program culture language requirement opportunity to study in French campus location
  3. I finally received my official offer by email today.
  4. I know how annoying it is to wait. Hopefully you will get news tomorrow. Crossing fingers for you. Keep us posted.
  5. Since I know you were all on the edge of your seats, my infoweb account was finally updated today. I guess someone was working overtime! Still waiting for the official offer now.
  6. I'll have to look at the letter more closely this weekend. PM me if you want to discuss it further.
  7. But it essentially hasn't changed that much, has it?
  8. Hi cati_mb. What has disappointed you about the curriculum change?
  9. My "registration information" tab appeared on March 28 and disappeared today. It's the only change that's occurred so far on my infoweb account. I'm totally antsy and paranoid now!
  10. Still no change and now my registration information tab has disappeared...
  11. Couldn't tell ya. My file is still pending.
  12. Yayyy! No French fries for Rumcajs!
  13. I don't really want to pester them since I already sent an email this week.
  14. I'm pretty pleased about the cluster changes, I think. I struggled choosing between 'international political economy' and 'international trade policy', and now, if I understand correctly, those two are lumped into one.
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