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  1. Reviving this old thread. I am looking for a sublet around Palo Alto in the summer. I currently live in a co-op and would like to do the same on the west coast. Any tips on co-ops / intentional communities in silicon valley and how to apply to them?
  2. It probably depends if you like to live in a big city or not. Ithaca is nice but it might not be for everyone. I personally really love it. By the way: The departments (technically it is one department) are closer than you might think. Student can join classes in Ithaca from NYC via teleconferencing etc.
  3. I know that Cornell already has send out acceptances. I am not sure if there is a waitlist though.
  4. I think in Europe most schools are on a decent level. It's not like in the states where there are really good schools and also really bad schools. So most people don't care that much about rankings. Why don't you use worldwide rankings like QS: http://www.topuniversities.com/qs-world-university-rankings? Also, in Europe the separation between undergrad and graduate school isn't really a thing.
  5. Europeans haven't heard of American schools that are thousands of miles away? Weird.
  6. Your profile seems very strong to me. You should be accepted by at least 2 or 3 of the schools you listed. If I were you (and could afford it), I'd also apply to higher ranked schools.
  7. The scores could be good enough if the rest of your application is really strong, except for CMU and UC Berkeley. However, if you have time, definitely try to retake the test. It is so easy to study for it and you cannot do worse because of ScoreSelect.
  8. In my experience (coming from a European country) the English-language programs are mostly targeted at local students that want to improve their English. They are usually identical to the ones in the native language but offer the possibility to do a part of the degree in another country. That being said, I don't see a reason why such a degree shouldn't be accepted in the US.
  9. Just wondering, would one be able to apply for a green card (via the lottery) on a F-1 visa?
  10. You could look at the CVs of professors. If they have interned/worked at Microsoft once or even have joint projects with MS, chances will be high that they can help you with finding a job there.
  11. Do you have any research or at least work experience? If not, probably none.. But the previous poster is right, you shouldn't look that much at rankings and more at what programs fit to you.
  12. Thank you very much. I wasn't aware that the todo list updates itself. Mine says complete
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