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  1. Edinburgh, UK

    I am heading to Edinburgh this September as well, and i am currently looking for accommodation. Did you visit the place before booking? I heard that most landlords there wont accept bookings without a viewing by the tenant first
  2. Best apps for grad school?

    No one else uses onedrive for storage ?
  3. You should probably go to LSE. Its world-class and the more rigorous 2 year program would give you more time and opportunities for a smooth transition to the domain of economics
  4. Hello everyone, i have a dilemma. I have been accepted to a fully funded PhD program ( stipend+tuition for 4 years) at Heriot-Watt Uni in Scotland, but i have also been accepted for a MRes at Imperial College (1 year). The problem is that for the MRes i dont really have any funding so i will have to resort to loans in order to attend. This will leave me with aprox $20k in debt by the time i finish. I am Eligible for a EU loan for graduate studies which has low interest rates and very flexible repay plans, so i could be debt free in a year or two after graduation, providing that i can get a decent job. The Idea is that by attending to Imperial i will have better chances to be accepted at a top School for PhD later, but people keep telling me that i should go to the program in Scotland so i wont waste time/money with the MRes. (Note that both programs are in Chemistry) Any advice is welcome!
  5. For the 7th #GvG reveal, I vote for the #GvGRed card! Which do you choose? #pickyourfavorite
  6. Whose in your icon?

    an astronaut which was the default picture from my twitter account .I didnt bother change it
  7. When is it the right time to take the test?

    ok ,so i should be ok with my time frame .Thanks again for the replies !
  8. This may seem quite ludicrous but i am clueless .Lets say that i want to apply at ~November-December (of 2015 but it does not matter) .According to my academic and personal schedule the best time for me to take the test would be about 7-8 months earlier (On March or April) .The fact that my results will be 7-8 months old when i submit them is it going to affect my application? Do they have a particular(unofficial) time limit (eg 3 months) for these kinds of things? Thank you in advance !
  9. Thank you both for your answers .I am completely covered
  10. Hello fellow prospective/current students!.I Have some questions about the application process I live in Europe,and i am currently finishing my 2nd year(out of the 4) in a B.Sc program in chemistry and i would like to apply to a US/Canadian uni for post graduate studies I finish the degree at around spring 2016 ,and i want to start the graduate studies at fall 2016. -(1)When should i apply for the fall 2016 sessions? According to some research i've done i came to the conclusion that i should apply one year earlier (fall-winter 2015) if i want to start at fall of 2016 So ,i should take the gre/toefl test ,at around the summer of 2015.The thing ,is that by fall 2015 i wont have completed the degree ,ill still have 1 year left ,so ,it does seem a bit odd to me that i should apply for a graduate program before i have finished my B.Sc . Is that how it works in the US? Or should i first finish the bachelor ,and apply for fall 2017 -(2)About financial support ,given that i do not have sufficient funds to support the whole thing ,are there any viable options for my situation? I think that most graduate programs ,offer a stipend and financial support ,through fellowships/ assistantships ,but that raised a question: If graduate students do not actually pay for tuition ,what is the(financial) benefit for the university ? Apart from uni jobs( eg fellowships) ,is it possible for someone with a student visa(immigrant) to get a job outside uni?(part time ,of course) If all of the above(the stipend ,etc) are not possible ,is getting a student loan ,a viable thing? -(3)If and when i finish the graduate studies in the US ,and the student visa expires ,is there any way that i can get a permanent citizenship? I have heard that you can get one ,either by finding a permanent job ,or by marrying a us citizen. -Thank you in advance