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    Applied to 2 year MSW Program at: U of T, Laurier, Windsor, Lakehead


    Waitlisted: Laurier, Lakehead

    Accepted: Windsor
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    2014 Fall
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    2-year MSW
  1. Hello CourtneyLS, Can you advise whether your ROSI account was updated today or yesterday? Kind Regards, Erin
  2. Hey Mei.cee, did you apply to any other MSW schools, and if so were you accepted? Thank you, Erin
  3. Hey Mcruk, Did you apply to any other MSW schools, and if so, were you accepted?
  4. Thank you! I am so relieved right now! Receiving the acceptance took a little bit of the stress off. My status stated 'provisional acceptance'. I just need to complete a Stats course by September to secure my spot. I enrolled for the stats course today, so it looks like everything is coming together! Good luck on your applications =) Applied: 2 year MSW at U of T, Laurier, Lakehead, and Windsor Waitlisted: Laurier, Lakehead Accepted: Windsor
  5. I was accepted off of Windsor's wait list today!!!! My status on my windsor account changed this afternoon. I'm soooo happy! I was very worried!
  6. Hey ali-son…. I don't mean to pry any further….. but could you also specify what you calculated your hours at? Thank you again
  7. No matter what happens I will continue to post my status. I hope everyone else on here does as well, just so we all know where we stand. Good luck to you. It's a very difficult process. I'm feeling a little discouraged at this point… but we shall see what happens. Can someone explain to me how I create the footnote of all the schools I've applied and the status of my various applications? Kind Regards
  8. Ugh… Wait listed at Laurier, Windsor and Lakehead now …….. Feel incredibly disappointed. Now I'm just waiting for U of T. Does anyone know how many students were accepted to Lakehead's Orillia Campus?
  9. Officially wait listed at Laurier . We shall see what happens.
  10. Congratulations Ali_son! Would you mind sharing your experience and what your average was for your 4th year at university? I am just trying to capture a full picture of what the university is looking for. Thank you! I hope you are celebrating tonight !
  11. Hey, Thank you for the details. Can you kindly send me the link to the website you checked for the status update. Whenever I sign onto my account nothing happens :S. NVM… I just found the website. Thanks
  12. Thank you LynnEy for responding to my question and for your advice. It's not too bold of me to ask… could you also let me know what your average was in your final year. I'm sorry for the intrusive question. I'd just like to know where I stand Thank you
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