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  1. I'm curious, has anyone in advanced standing been accepted off of any waitlists yet?
  2. Pretty much. Still trying to figure out my work schedule and how i'll commute back and forth from Toronto. I just can't believe it's creeping up so quickly!
  3. So who's going to Windsor in a few weeks?!
  4. I'm on the waitlist for the 1 year program and wasn't even told how many people are on it. As for the 2 year, my friend was waitlisted last year and said a lot of people got in within a month. So hope remains for all of you
  5. First and foremost, my fingers are crossed for all you two year applicants! Now: this might not belong here, but I am in desperate need of advice. It looks like I'll be attending Windsor's Advanced Standing program in May. Here is my problem. The school gave me a bit of money for an entrance scholarship, on the CONDITION, I do not work full-time. I was hoping to continue working full-time from May-August, and just drive up to Windsor once a week. Consequently, I purchased a used vehicle, so I could conveniently do this. Additionally, I have been paying back my former OSAP loans (more than the minimum), and now have very little money. I just reapplied for OSAP and my estimate was a joke. You would think that if I reliably paid back a large portion of my former loans, they would give me some grace. Anyone have any insight on what I can do in this situation?
  6. I understand that MSW2MD/YEWANG upset a lot of people in the previous thread. However, he hasn't really done anything to provoke anyone recently and the last thing I want is for another forum to get locked by a moderator, especially during such a stressful time. As social workers I think it is important to remember that we don't know everyone's story and for all we know, this person may have some personal stuff they have yet to work through. Obviously, this might not be the case, but I think it's important to keep in mind.
  7. Congrats! Mine still says no decision made. Anyone else hear see a change in their status? This never gets less frustrating ?
  8. I was accepted. It's also a 3 hour drive for me (I'm in Toronto). I'm in the middle of trying to buy a used car now I checked the schedule today. I believe it's on a Friday for the first course and Tuesday for the second, so really only once a week during those 3 months. Hope you get off the waitlist soon. I'm sure you will!
  9. Anyone else still waiting on Waterloo's advanced standing program? Also, for those going to Windsor in May, do you plan on moving there then or do you think you'll just commute up once a week for the course?
  10. Congrats on your acceptance! I conacted waterloo yesterday and they said decisions would be sent in March, just no exact time frame.
  11. Has anyone received their acceptance package from UofT? I'm curious to know what the deadline to accept would be/if it's the same as the waitlist confirmation.
  12. Thanks! It came automatically, but I only discovered it yesterday when I logged into their online system. It's in some random area next to the admissions decision.
  13. Thanks @2017hoping, most likely, yeah. I'm pretty committed on completing my MSW this year. I'll just have to be super frugal. Fortunately they offered me a bit of an entrance scholarship too. Anything helps!
  14. Hey @MSW2018hopeful, I came home after work to find a small white envelope in my mailbox SGS still says under review.
  15. Just came home to find out I've been waitlisted at UofT. 3 down 1 to go! A little disappointing, especially since they said I have until April 18 to let them know... but Windsor begins in May. Wah Anyone know if the waitlist for advanced standing at UofT is stream specific? And how many Laurier puts on the waitlist? Still trying to accept that I may have to wait another year if I can't find the funds to move to Windsor.

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