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  1. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    I'll be going to Waterloo - good luck to you too!
  2. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Just declined my offer today - I hope you get the spot!
  3. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Congrats to you as well! Will you be accepting their offer? My letter's up now and I'm strongly considering it.
  4. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Congratulations! That's wonderful news!
  5. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Hey! My Quest changed today to admitted as well. So thrilled & relieved! Were you able to view your letter? The "view" option has appeared for me but when I click it nothing seems to happen.
  6. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    No, I'm currently at Dalhousie. I am not sure yet where I will go but Western definitely seems like a great program! I am still waiting on Waterloo as well, is anyone not? I haven't noticed any acceptance yet. I'm thinking next week.
  7. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Yes I'm doing the 1 year! They had sent us all an email in January saying we would hear back the first week of March and were true to their word - maybe they sent you something similar?
  8. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    I was accepted into the 1 yr MSW at Western on Friday! 2 emails sent a few minutes apart - only 5 business days to accept/decline, but exciting!
  9. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Thanks for contacting them! Good to hear some (vague) details from Waterloo.
  10. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    What are you planning to do about this? I need to accept their offer by Monday (27th) and don't want to pay $500 to reserve a spot I may not take. I replied to the email earlier this week to ask for an extension and they passed it off to someone higher up to see if it's possible but I haven't heard anything yet.
  11. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Hey! I was actually accepted to Carleton's MA Psych Program back in the day (circa 2014) before I decided to pursue Social Work. I got my acceptance email on February 28th and I believe I had 6 weeks to accept my offer (which I then extended, deferred, and eventually declined - I am the worst!). Not sure if they are still working on a similar timeline, but if so I'd expect to hear in the next two weeks.
  12. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    My understanding is that "the waitlist will be closed on July 31st" means that anyone still on the waitlist at that time will be removed (i.e., not accepted). There will be movement once people start turning down their acceptances! I see you've applied to Waterloo as well - any idea when/how we'll hear back from them?
  13. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I'm happy to report that I received an acceptance today (~6pm Atlantic) via email to Calgary's 1 Year Clinical Specialization. So relieved. I hope you all start receiving news in the not-so-distant future!
  14. I see you have a BSW - I know some people were accepted into the 1 year program at Calgary as early as Feb. 12th last year so the wait may not actually be all that long!
  15. I am currently writing my application for the 1 year at King's (12 pages feels like a bit much but I appreciate that it's really structured with specific questions). I'm excited that they have recently restructured their program to focus on "direct practice" (as opposed to "generalist") as that is the area I see myself working in the future. A lot of their required courses and electives appealed to me as well, which is why I decided to give it a shot. There has only been one or two mentions of King's/Western the last four years on these boards so how likely one is to get in and what they are specifically looking for is a bit ~mysterious~