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  1. Just lurking too as a current SIPA student. The concentration choice is not finalized until your 3rd semester. You can add and/or change to APEA if you want. BUT, you must take "Advanced Quant and Econ" No exceptions (as an EPDer you are free to choose between "intermediate" and "advanced") U6400 and U6401 for Econ and 6501 for Statistics are at a minimum with others to add to the curriculum
  2. what is the new name? Was there any explanation as to why? For right now just change your resume and wait for more news. I dont think it is a big deal unless there was some sort of scandal with the namesake
  3. Here is a suggestion. If you really feel like you have nothing to hide and that your decision was justified contact both schools and explain to them about your double deposit. If they are understanding about your situation then I'm sure "Are we there yet?" and you can meet at SIPA and (s)he would be happy to eat some crow pie. Keeping them in the dark now for two weeks is just wrong in my opinion.
  4. I do not think either of the previous two people were attacking her to be honest. The truth hurts sometimes. And I disagree, that you should "take as much time as you need". There are deadlines for a reason because the adcoms need time to refer to the waitlist if needed. Everyone else has to obey their guidelines, so what makes her so special?
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