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  1. Deposit submitted!!!!! See you all in the fall!
  2. Anyone going to the Africa Economic Form next weekend at Columbia before Admitted Students Day? It's 60 bucks and we can register as an admitted student.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I am definitely sticking to the MPA/MPP route as my goals are more aligned to that track.
  4. Funny that you posted this. I was looking at Round 3 MBA application deadlines today and thinking about possibly doing a dual degree. I think I made the right choice, but I do wonder about the prospects of an MBA. I am excited for the MPA journey.
  5. I will be there. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  6. Accepted as well but no merit based funding. Not sure if grad school is going to happen this year.
  7. Still alive as well. Hoping to hear back today. Congrats to everyone taking the leap to apply. It is an accomplishment we should all celebrate.
  8. Matt and the admissions team are absolutely amazing. I love how transparent they have been through this whole process. I can't believe they are sitting in a living room sipping coffee while we are checking our emails obsessively. I love the fact that they know we are all losing it. Thanks for all the hard work HKS admissions team! Wonder if they check this blog. T minus 1 day and counting. Hopefully!
  9. I completely agree. I didn't receive any funding as of yet. However, I am willing to fight and find resources to make a dream come true. Still waiting to hear from other schools as well. I would just encourage people don't give up yet, if this is a dream of yours. Everything happens for a reason and only you can make the right decision. I am willing to email and call to find out options. Worst thing they can say is no... :-) Cheers to everyone following their dreams!
  10. Accepted as well. So excited. No funding info. Congrats everyone!
  11. Only a few more days! Good luck everyone!!!
  12. Just a few more days! Hopefully we will hear on Friday! Good luck!!!!!
  13. Only a few more days. Chronic email checker and blog stalker here as well. We can do this. Would love to find out on Wednesday. Anticipating it will be Friday with all of the other schools as well. We can do this! Really appreciate the support of this blog to get me through these final days. Hopefully we will all be classmates soon.
  14. Update from NYU on the Applicant Portal: Looks like we will be waiting until next Friday. There is a technical glitch with our third-party application system. As a result, you may be seeing a default system processing message indicating a waitlist status. No admission decisions have been made at this time. All official notifications will be provided via email. NYU Wagner does not post admission decisions on the online student dashboard. If you submitted your application by December 15, you will be notified via email on March 11. We sincerely apologize for any confusion this may have caused.
  15. Very exciting. Thanks for this update. Fingers crossed for Wednesday as well!
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