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  1. @Nico Corr how much did you receive from George Mason? I would recommend sending the admissions office at American SIS and GW Elliott a short email informing them that you have received an offer from George Mason with X amount of funding, but that American or GW is your top choice.
  2. Did you receive any acceptances/scholarships from other MPP/MPA programs? I ask because I am unsure if Harris will consider matching the scholarship that you were offered from GW Law (as it's a completely different type of professional school).
  3. For your interest in International Development, SIPA and NYU Wagner (International specialization) are really the only worthwhile options in NYC. If you are able and willing to travel up to Syracuse, New York, The Maxwell School would be another solid option for your interests.
  4. ESIAGradStudentSPS16-18, no worries, we all understand! Thanks for offering to share your thoughts and experience at the Admitted Students Day event. Can't wait to read them.
  5. Pichichi, thanks for providing us with a detailed overview on experience at the Elliott Admitted Students Day event. I wasn't able to attend; however, you sentiments seem to mirror alot of what I have heard and read about the program. Thanks again!
  6. For those who attended admitted students day, could you please share your thoughts on the school?
  7. Hi Kuelfeel, I just received funding notification earlier today. I would reach out to the Graduate Office of Admissions at Elliott. PM me if you have any questions.
  8. Anyone else still waiting on funding...
  9. Congrats! Thanks for the heads up, hopefully I will be hearing back on Monday. GWU is the last choice that I am waiting on.
  10. Congratulations to all those who have been accepted! Has anyone heard back from the International Trade and Investment Policy program?
  11. Thanks, I felt that my research experience was fairly solid but wasn't sure how it would stack up against other applicants. The research assistant positions and my honors thesis have all been catered towards my specific research interests purposely. I kinda of wish I had started doing research a bit earlier in my undergraduate career but I am happy with all of the experiences and opportunities that I have had so far. Yes, I will definitely be leveraging my LORs to convince the admission committees that I understand the type of research that is conducted in the discipline and that I suffici
  12. Thanks for the advice victorydance. I figured most of the achievements (non research related) would bear little to no effect on the admissions process. Do you think that I have 'sufficient' research experience to put forth a competitive application? I am currently working on those last three aspects of my application.
  13. Cool! Well Chinese is an excellent language to know. I took a few years of Mandarin back in elementary school but don;t remember much now. LOL, regarding the debate. Any advice on how to strengthen my application kaykaykay or victory dance?
  14. I definitely agree with you on MastersHoping's list of schools. They all have particularly strong IR policy schools for individuals interested in obtaining a professional masters degree.
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