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  1. That's too bad naso, can you tell us more about your impressions on diversity/admit day?
  2. That sounds great! Glad you enjoyed it. It's too bad the building won't get finished until 2018.
  3. How was admitted students day? Anyone go?
  4. Yes, I noticed that. The "apply online" page now says that decisions will be out on April 1st
  5. Let's talk via PMs to not bother others happy for all your good news for funding!
  6. I requested it and was denied. I live in Asia so the tickets were expensive. Maybe they only support people with middle-range tickets (not too cheap but not too expensive)?
  7. I didn't get any travel money for new admit day. I'm afraid this may be an early indication of little money from HKS unfortunately won't be able to attend new admit day. Also, anybody have ideas of when we'll get money news? Last year they released the info April 1st, but considering they've finished everything 2 days in advance this year maybe we can hope for March 30th?
  8. Ask SIPA and Georgetown to put you in touch with current or former students from Canada and/or interested in your issue areas to see if they could give you a better idea of what may be in store for you. Also ask about their Canadian relations in general. Meanwhile, ask your local school if you could extend the decision deadline.
  9. I got the email too! Live a little far to know about the signed letter. I hope it gets here soon and doesn't get lost in the mail!
  10. We'll know about the finaid info in about a week...is anybody else super nervous?
  11. Not sure. It's so hard to turn down HKS. As of now it seems like I didn't get the CPL fellowship I applied to because I've gotten no news about interviews. I'm hoping at least some other fellowship I applied to comes through.
  12. FINGERS CROSSED FOR YOU!!! Almost there!
  13. Thank you so much @HRC2016! I would suggest you rip the bandaid. I felt the same way, the Princeton rejection hit me hard. But I just got over it and then it was all ok!
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