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  1. quick note: if you don't have the funds to pay the tuition bill upfront, you can take out a short-term loan from UT for the full amount and then pay it back near the end of the semester after you've gotten paid. I think you end up paying like ~$20 in interest. I've done it both semesters and have had no issues. So don't let that be the reason you turn down UT : ) more here: http://www.utexas.edu/business/accounting/sar/il.html
  2. Just FYI, I believe Pericles (one of my earliest and most intense prof. crushes, btw) has left New Haven at least temporarily to head up the new Yale-NUS College in Singapore.
  3. The University of Texas at Austin for me! I feel weirdly calm. it's really over
  4. ...sorry, this whole decision-making process has made me a little wild-eyed.
  5. aeplo, I could not agree with you more. UT wasn't even really on my radar until the visit weekend, which changed everything for me. I'd done a couple other visit weekends and, while everyone was perfectly nice and friendly, at UT they seemed to have actually taken the time to familiarize themselves with my application and interests, and they were able to speak about how I, specifically, would have a great time there - not just how some generic student might fit into the department. I've been getting a lot of pressure from my advisors to choose one of my other schools, but I think my mind is pr
  6. Hey, does anyone know when the visit weekend is/was? Just wondering when we can start hoping for some movement on the waitlist.
  7. @joega - Frances Ferguson, Richard Halpern, Amanda Anderson.
  8. So my question is about Johns Hopkins' English program specifically, but I would appreciate any advice/relevant info. I got an email from the DGS there letting me know, for visit-scheduling purposes, that three faculty members (out of 12) are leaving after this year. That seems like quite a few people to lose, and also makes me wonder a little bit if there's some reason why they're leaving (though I know it could very well just be normal turnover + coincidence). I've asked some of my current profs about it and have gotten very mixed responses -- all have still recommended Hopkins very enthusia
  9. Hey everyone - I know there was an earlier conversation about funding (and perhaps teaching obligations?) somewhere in this thread, so sorry if this is a repeat question. UT seems to require a LOT of teaching, much more than most of the private universities I've seen. In some ways that seems like a plus to me, or at least not a negative, as I'm excited to teach and want to gain as much experience as possible. But I do worry about balancing coursework and eventually dissertation-writing with that kind of schedule. Does anyone else have experience TA-ing in the first few years, whether at UT spe
  10. Thanks effess Unfortunately, it was as I feared. Waitlisted.
  11. No call. This has been a rough day. I'm having a hard time not taking it personally -- at least the other schools never had a face-to-face meeting with me. Stanford, this sucks!
  12. At least some waitlist notifications are definitely out. I got mine a day or two after the first acceptance was posted. It does seem strange that there aren't more up there, though.
  13. Ahh, where'd you see that, hazelbite? I haven't heard anything.
  14. Apparently they were closed today. Now I feel dumb for panicking all afternoon.
  15. This is NOT an acceptance post, so please don't die. I'm just wondering who else on the boards interviewed, and if you asked your panel or have heard anything more about the decisions timeline. I know the original email said they would be making decisions after interviews ended on the 22nd -- I'd just love to know which day of this week or next I should plan to spend glued to my phone. (Since I spend so much time away from it as it is.)
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