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  1. Hey, how are you guys responding to requests from rejected universities that you let them know where you are attending in the fall? I've just been straight up in letting them know, but...thoughts? Is any one not doing this and if so, why?
  2. So did I! I'm finally done with all this. Hello, my fellow Houston-ites!!! Message me if you want to talk about Houston, moving, school or anything else. Where are you other Houston-ers thinking of moving in the area?
  3. Alright, my season is officially over as well! It's been quite the ride and now I know I'm headed to Baylor College of Medicine's IMBS program! Here are my stats once more: Undergrad Institution: Large, private university Major(s): Biological Sciences Minor(s): Psychology GPA in Major: ~3.6 Overall GPA: 3.78 Position in Class: Graduated magna cum laude Type of Student: Female, US citizen, mixed race, non-traditional (I'm a bit old!) GRE Scores (revised version): Q: 160 (78%) V: 162 (89%) W: 5 (93%) Biology: 690 (58%) Research Experience: 8 years as a technician and researcher in a
  4. It really depends on the fellowship. If, like you said, you are referring to most external grants/fellowships, this simply reduces the amount your PI has to pay. I am referring to the sorts of "smallish" fellowships that departments seem to offer (over and above the stipend amount) to incoming students as a way of incentivizing their most favored (or wavering) candidates. Although "smallish" is relative, I suppose. I've been offered everything from a one-time 1000 extra bucks, to larger awards over a few years (that are confirmed in addition to the normal stipend and usually disbursed in a lum
  5. I am also interested in the Houston area. It seems like there are a few of you Houston-ites out there. Can you guys tell me anything about Sugar Land? It seems a bit far (maybe about 30 min w/o traffic?), but the low rent for big houses is really alluring....and it seems to be a great neighborhood. Any comments would be appreciated.
  6. So, I know a while back there was some discussion on negotiating pay. I agree with whoever it was that said that stipends are rather fixed and that if you're going to negotiate anything, it ought to be about whether or not you can get any extra fellowship money thrown on top. What I was wondering was whether or not anyone else has been getting offers for fellowships this late in the game. I got one from one school about a week ago and just today, they upped it again to a pretty incredible offer. I am, however, frustrated that the top two schools I'm looking most closely at have not offered me
  7. Good for you! I, on the other hand, got an offer from Baylor and was wait listed (indefinitely) at UTSW...even though I am interested in the same things as you. Weird how all that works out, huh?
  8. Btw, everyone. The new 2015 US News and World Report ranking of grad schools has come out....I was wondering if anyone had any information regarding it?
  9. Wow, why do they want an answer so soon? Are they offering you money to accept?
  10. Sorry...I don't wanna go back and gather quotes ::lazy right now:: To address some of the recent posts: I'm still stuck on the UTSW black hole wait list also and I kinda doubt I'm gonna get off of it. I will probably have made a decision before they ever get back to me. Caltech finally put me out of my misery today (they at least sent a nice, though generic, email). That was such a weird school to apply to. To the person that commented on Irvine...a prof actually told you they think you won't get in?!?! That just does it for me with that school. They seem just overall weird and kind of
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