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  1. My Irvine interview went horribly... I did not prepare enough at all and found myself going off on intellectual tangents completely unrelated to what I want to do in grad school. On the plus side, I realized retrospectively that Irvine is not a great fit for my interests, and I think that subconsciously affected how I prepared. Other than Irvine, I had an interview for Duke Lit and it was pretty evident from the very beginning that Duke is a much better fit for me. The difference in how easily I could converse with the interviewers, the intellectual rapport we had, etc., was stark. So my
  2. I just discovered this thread... I just had my Duke interview today, and it was definitely intimidating, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Apparently there is some sort of snowstorm in Durham right now, so interviewees scheduled for today be prepared for a smaller group. I only had Katherine Hayles and one other POI on mine. (In some ways, this lessens the pressure/scrutiny, but on the other hand it kind of ups the stakes because you only have the chance to make an impression on two people.) In terms of questions, my POI interviewer is an expert on my subject so I was grilled about
  3. Does anyone else have a Duke Lit interview? Mine is on Wednesday and having just realized that it'll be me and eight professors, I'm freaking out a bit...
  4. canislupus360 -- me too! Visual studies?
  5. Me neither, although I just realized that there's a typo in the phone number I listed. isawnewton, did they give any details about when the interview dates would be?
  6. billthekid, are you fluent in French? Concordia looks fantastic, and I would love to live in Montreal, but I thought that they have pretty strict language requirements in Quebec. (Besides McGill, of course.)
  7. Christi, you might want to check these sites out: http://www.fatomei.com/ http://www.gdnet.ucla.edu/grpinst.htm The UCLA database in particular is pretty comprehensive, and it brings up a lot of smaller, less well known scholarships that I think fewer people will apply for. I think your biggest difficulty will be finding scholarships to fund MAs, as a lot of the fellowships/scholarships that I've applied for in the past are aimed towards (potential) doctoral students. Of course, that just may be a function of my own bias (I'm only looking for doctoral funding). Good luck!
  8. Hi everyone, I've been feeling conflicted about this for a while (and haven't been able to come up with a satisfactory answer for myself), so I figured I would ask the internet. I'm applying to interdisciplinary/visual culture/film studies programs this season. (Think Stanford MTL, Berkeley Rhetoric, Brown MCM) I'm interested in the aesthetics of decolonization vis-à-vis film and other visual and textual mediums. I was trained as an art historian at a small liberal arts college, and my most substantive piece of research was on the problem of memorializing the Algerian War in France. I
  9. Did anyone also apply to other grad school diversity-esque fellowships? I applied for the Ford as well as the Soros
  10. @scarllatti, I haven't -- but I submitted my personal website as my "exhibition," and haven't really given out the URL to anyone else. The number of page views have gone up, so I'm assuming that (might) be the admissions committee looking at it? Or it could just be strangers on the internet.
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