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  1. Cleven's advice might work for other programs, but you do not need elaborate hooks for PhD program applications. Please don't get personal. The statement of purpose is about explaining your research interests and goals, not interrogating your personal history. I would be more concerned about clumsy writing. I don't know what "political current discourse politics" means, and I would watch out for unnecessary words and awkward phrasing. For example, Specifically, the question I am interested in for my senior honors thesis examines whether or not Roe v. Wade made abortion any more practically
  2. Hi everyone! I'm currently a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in South Korea at an amazing co-ed high school. I was wondering if there are any teachers out there (from anywhere in the world!) who would be interested in setting up a pen-pal exchange with my ESOL 10th and 11th grade students. This can be via email or snail-mail -- anything is cool with me. Let me know (either through PM or posting here) if you're interested!
  3. Congrats, South Korea ETAs! I'm a current second-year ETA; message me if you want the low-down.
  4. Sure thing. I'm an Asian Americanist with interests at the nexus of gender, religious studies and transnationalism. Methodologically, I'm interested in ethnography and critical theory. Also, to clarify about the "waves" -- according to a friend in the program, they've likely sent out all their initial acceptances, but other acceptances might trickle in depending on how many people decline. Edit to say -- just heard back from my friend, and he told me that he thinks that acceptance is unlikely if you didn't hear back. However, keep in mind that this is hearsay... it's hard to say for su
  5. Yes, the acceptance was for ethnic studies! And tingdeh, I think they do acceptances in waves.
  6. That's not me on the results search, but I also received an acceptance email from Berkeley! Nominated for a university wide fellowship, sounds like guaranteed funding for at least five years. Guys I'm freaking out!
  7. Macmc, I'm struggling through Harvard too...trying to figure out why they care about how many math classes I took....
  8. Hey! Is anyone applying to American Studies at GW? They state a 750 word limit for their statement of purpose, but mine is closer to a 1000 words... Think it will be a big deal?
  9. Woah! Your research topic sounds really interesting -- I'm currently living in South Korea and have definitely seen the impact of cosmetic surgery on the way the body is conceptualized.
  10. From talking to an advisor who served on an English adcomm at my undergrad university, a GRE cut-off score is often imposed by the graduate admissions office. (This seems to be fairly common, especially at state schools.) Is applying next year not an option? That would give you time to study for the GRE. Furthermore, it might be worthwhile to work and save up money for relocation costs, etc., especially if you're still in college / a recent graduate.
  11. Yeesh, that's frustrating. I'm sorry to hear that. Do you have a time period that you're interested in?
  12. UCLA has a strong program in historical/comparative sociology. UC Santa Cruz and UC San Diego are also good options if you're interested in comparing social systems.
  13. Are you looking specifically at English programs, or are you also interested in religious studies programs or programs with an interdisciplinary bent? I'm also interested in literature and religion, and I've been told that Harvard, Duke and Princeton are particularly strong in that field. (With your interests in gender/sexuality, I'd imagine Duke would be of particular interest.) UVA also has some great faculty members working in religion and literature, although I admit I'm a little biased because I did my undergrad there.
  14. Sorry to change the topic a bit, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a SoP swap. I'm applying to mostly American Studies programs.
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