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  1. I just got accepted yesterday off the U of T 2 year MSW wait list - this was my second year waitlisted. I shook for like an hour afterwards! I guess talking to Andrea last year after not getting off the wait list worked. My advice for those waitlisted is to ask for advice on your application and then take it no matter how small it sounds. Last year Andrea told me I had a very nice application, but it would be good both my work references to be Social Work related (at that time I only had 1, the other reference was in business) she told me my grades were good (B+) and my experience was
  2. I sent Angela an email and she set me up with the director of admissions...whose name absolutely escapes me, but I'm sure it will be the same person. She took a look at my application and then called me with her comments. She did give me a lot of hope, but the competition is so steep. Not sure what more I can do but quit my job and volunteer full time.
  3. I hear you. I have a B+ (but more recently I took some 200 level courses with A's) and an undergrad in Business (absoluntely not relevent) and some volunteering and more relevent personal experience. I recommend contacting Angela and asking if you can speak with someone about your applicaton, though typically they make you wait until after classes start in the fall. I did get to talk on the phone with someone who told me I had a good application, my grades were good and the only way she would improve it is to change one of my references and get a bit more volunteering. So I thought I was
  4. I know the odds are better for the advanced standing, but if I were you I would commit to the contract. At the end of the day you can go to your employer and explain that there was no way for you to know that you would get off the list. I'm sure they will understand in the end if you give them enough notice. That is what I have done. You have to cover all your bases. Just my advice take it or leave it.
  5. I think odds are low at this point. I am going to try to move forward as I don't want it to ruin my summer like last year.
  6. It was the 2 year program I asked about, but from the sounds of it the advanced standing is a similar timeline. Fingers crossed.
  7. I just called Angela - can I say she is so lovely - and she told me that the selection committee is meeting this week and as people are selected they will be contacted. So there is no hard firm date (boo) and it looks like if people are selected it may even be next week. I also asked how many people are on the wait list and she said they will not disclose that. Personally I am moving my "I am not holdng to hope" date until the end of next week - last year the wait list bearly budged after June. But after that I have to let this go and move on...even though I don't like the situation I
  8. THANK YOU so much for updating us. I've been slowly going crazy this week despite the fact that I've been trying to be cool with it. Oh well another week or 2 it is. If there are any openings...you'd think they would know that by now...deep breath. This process is teaching me a lot about patience.
  9. I'm also feeling very impatient today, though I know the odds aren't great with such a large wait list. Last year it looks like some poeple got the call on the 23rd, not that that means anything for this year. Fingers crossed.
  10. Waterloo works only if you have 10 pre-requisit courses...so if you don't have the courses that's a 2 year program. If you do then that works. All the best.
  11. I was waitlisted as well. I would have been crushed if I was rejected as I was waitlisted last year with about half the experience. So here we go again. Last year all the movement off the waitlist was in the spring with almost no movement over the summer...it made for a very stressful end of the summer as I held on to hope until the very last day (the Friday before first day of school). For myself I am going to move on with my life, but maintain home until the end of May and then try with all my might to consider it a lost cause. Good luck for everyone wait-listed it is a very stres
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