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  1. Grats, cikkatikkaskwarr! I'm jealous; I didn't receive any email, cryptic or otherwise, so I am guessing that means I am out of the running for Screen Cultures. Hope the interview/visit goes well for you I'm a little bummed also because my status on the GATS page never changed from "application: incomplete". It says I was missing TOEFL, even though I am a domestic app. When I called about a month ago, I was told "Oh yeah, a couple of other people have mentioned the same issue, no need to worry about it, your app will still be looked at." But that didn't ease my concern any, haha.
  2. Hey all, been following this thread for a while now. I applied to 6 schools, and have heard back from 2 so far: admitted to UIUC's ICR PhD and University of Minnesota's Communication Studies PhD. I also applied for Northwestern's Screen Cultures PhD, but no word as of yet. Has anyone else that applied to Screen Cultures heard anything? I saw the RPC invite (Grats practical cat!), but nothing about SC. Not that I expect to get a request for an interview (I'm an out-of-field app); I just want the waiting period to be over! So hard to concentrate on real life while waiting for admission decisions, haha.
  3. I am heading to UIUC, and very pleased! Anyone else going there? Grats all on a very exciting time in our lives!
  4. Aye, I learned the same lesson, Hige....and almost the same profile as you: 6 acceptances, 3 rejections. I am still super excited, just not looking forward to doing it all again for phd....plus, I need to take the GRE again to apply for phd, since I last took it five years ago! 哈哈
  5. Also rejected from Yale, but glad to finally stop waiting for it! Congratulations to those who got in!
  6. Huge congrats, Nong! That's gotta be a fantastic feeling. Let's see, that modifies my luck roll by +4...
  7. Grats, zech01!! Great to hear some of the peeps on the forum are getting accepted Can I ask what your area is?
  8. Oh, and it's great to know they might be emailing instead of only using snail mail. Course, they may still use the pony express for rejections, haha.
  9. Was your email from a POI you had contacted before, then? Or just an informal shout out from the department? Totally curious, I didn't contact anyone there
  10. Grats, Steelkokoro!! That's fantastic
  11. Man, wish Yale would just send out the rejections and get it over with! I've seen 5 acceptances posted, and that seems to be the avg on gradcafe results over the years, and they seem to be sent w/i a 3-day period. Just tired of waiting, and ready for making choices that's my morning coffee rant! Good luck again, all - let's see some acceptances today!
  12. It looks like Duke's funding probably won't be comparable to what I have been offered elsewhere, and like Andrea said, it's an insane amount of $$ to commit to....but, still haven't actually heard what they can offer, so still up in the air. My Yale applyyourself thingy still hasn't changed since I submitted my app in December, so I'm guessing probably a rejection, since the only results up for Yale EAS MA so far are acceptances. Although of course, doesn't mean much...the mysteries of how schools send out notices!
  13. Not hearing anything yet from Stanford may be a good thing, since it looks like rejections may have been sent first? Speculating based on a very small sample set Just received acceptance from Duke, pretty pleased about that! Only 2 schools left to hear from, Yale and Harvard...
  14. For Stanford, an email informing us that the attached letter had the decision. Also, that they were going to do all decisions via email.
  15. Yeah, Stanford woke me from a beautiful 20-min nap to tell me, "Hell, no!" They were also the one school I changed my SoP for, so prolly fit was an issue. Duke I still haven't heard back from... Good luck all!
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