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  1. azeemkhan1489

    Columbia University-fall 2019

    Master's in South Asian Studies starting in fall 2019
  2. Sorry for the late reply. I myself plan on completing a PhD and realize i will be relatively old by the time I complete. But I think different people have different timelines in their life, so I am not really worried about that. I cannot apply for a FLAS as im from Pakistan. Very few scholarships available to me. Im hoping Columbia provides me a significant chunk and I can pay the rest through working part time.
  3. Hi I got accepted, with a $12000 scholarship amount. Currently looking into funding options but I have just begun to contemplate the option of deferring as well. I am 28 and a lecturer of Pakistan Studies at a college My friend just completed his LLM degree from Columbia. He stayed off campus. I am planning to stay in the dorms as I have never had that experience. According to the limited information available on the internet, Columbia does seem to be the best option for South Asian Studies. What do you think? Does Michigan have a comparable program? I've read they offer significant financial aid Why did you defer for next year?
  4. azeemkhan1489

    Columbia University 2018

    How were you able to get your Columbia email by searching for your ID? I have sent in the deposit but not the official paper transcripts.

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