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  1. Yep, after a whole lot of rejections, I received an offer from Chicago's CIR with 1/3 tuition relief. I'm not too sure what I'll do. Anyone know the acceptance rate for CIR?
  2. I haven't been accepted by Chicago, and I haven't heard anything about MAPSS. I'm assuming that it will be a long shot for me to get an offer for the MA program at this point and that I'll be shut out altogether.
  3. Saw some people receive partially funded MA offers from Chicago on the rejections wave. Thinking that since I haven't heard anything from Chicago that I've been shut out altogether......
  4. Just saw a Chicago rejection. Is that presumed or actual? I haven't heard anything.
  5. Hey thanks a lot for the support! I appreciate it and wish you the best as well.
  6. Well, I've received official rejections from Cornell, Princeton, University of Washington, and Ohio State. I wasn't accepted or placed on a wait list at Chicago and haven't heard back from MIT. I also applied to Yale, but that's even more of a long shot than other schools to which I applied. I'm just hoping that I can get an offer for MAPPS at Chicago as a fall back option. My experience over the past month has been a tough pill to swallow.
  7. After seeing all of the MIT acceptances, I'm pretty sure I'll be 0-for-7 in this cycle. It's crushing. I'm not sure how I should go about the next year or so or if I'll even apply again....
  8. Has anyone STILL not received a response from the University of Washington?
  9. It might take Chicago a little longer because they also have to decide which rejected applicants will be accepted into the masters program. There are also funding decisions for the masters acceptances.
  10. I'm also snowed in today, so the wait is going to be much more agonizing! Thankfully the Gradcafe exists!
  11. So who still hasn't heard back from the University of Washington? I'm patiently waiting for any sort of email from their department
  12. And I know that most of my recent posts have been largely irrelevant to all of you, but I'm just trying to use this board as a place to spew my thoughts! I think I would go insane otherwise....
  13. Still haven't gotten a thumbs up or thumbs down from the University of Washington. I wonder if they're sending the rejections in waves.
  14. Just received confirmation that MIT will be announcing their decisions in late February.
  15. Just sent a short email to MIT asking about their admissions timeline. I'll report back if I hear anything!
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