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  1. Endnote for Philosophy?

    Thanks! That is exactly what I want. I do not have a Mac, and Papers seems to work better for Mac than for Windows. But Papers does have many attractive features, one of which allows you to quote lines in a PDF file. I am not sure if Zetero can do the same thing, but I will find out. Thanks for your help, Non_TradPhilosopher.
  2. Endnote for Philosophy?

    Thanks so much for the info! I've never used any software to write a paper. But I will try Papers. The only problem is: it seems Papers for Windows works not as good as Papers for Mac. I do not use Mac. But I hope I will have a good experience with Papers for Windows. Thanks again for the help.
  3. Endnote for Philosophy?

    Hi all guys, I know the Endnote is a really helpful tool for research in many disciplines, especially in sciences. But my question is: is it helpful and necessary for philosophy research too? I've never used it. Did anyone use it? Thanks for your inputs in advance.
  4. Acceptance Thread

    Congratulations! If I were you, I would definitely choose UT-Austin over UW-Madison too. I am a bit jealous.
  5. Rejection thread

    Oh, yeah. I thought I was underqualified at every school I applied to. But now I am no longer so sure about this. Will apply to the HFU (if you still remember it) next round in case I am viewed as overqualified at all other schools.
  6. Preparing for grad school

    I know my question is off topic and does not belong in this thread, but I do not want to start a new thread for this very specific philosophical question. I am reading metaphysics now, and find that the stuff heavily interconnected with philosophy of language is daunting. Realism about universals is a pretty easy strategy to choose--"Socrates is courageous" is true because Socrates instantiates or exemplifies the property of courage, and courage is the referent of the term "courageous".But nominalists deny there is such thing as courage; what exist are only particulars -- the courageous Socrates for example. Possible worlds nominalists attempt to offer a nominalist account of being courageous without appeal to a realist ontology of universals. Their strategy is to combine set theory and possible worlds techniques. On their view, the sentence "Socrates is courageous" is true can be construed as follows: there is a possible world (out world indeed) that populates sets of courageous things, and Socrates is a member of this set. To make a long story short, talk of universals deeply reflect our way of using language-- my understanding of nominalist project. Hmm, both approaches have advantages. But it is hard to say which one is better. I tend to think that nominalism is misleading, though its techniques are very elegant and impressive. Would any one who is sympathetic with the nominalist approach want to elaborate how to construe the term 'being courageous' within a nominalist framework? PS: I initially wanted to ask a question. But when I was writing the post, things strangely changed. So sorry if the post is very bad. I understand that it should not go here, or perhaps anywhere in the Gradcafe forum.
  7. Preparing for grad school

    Thank all you guys for the responses! It is very helpful. ‚Äč
  8. Preparing for grad school

    Hi guys: Just like Loux's Metaphysics for metaphysics, what are good texts for philosophy of mind at graduate level? Thanks.
  9. Rejection thread

    Yes, it is a bit hard for a professor to unurp the adcom's decision. But logos has nothing to lose if he gives a try. It would be great if that professor says yes and talks to the chair or the adcom. But if that professor says it won't work because the decision has already been made and his speaking up will not help, then do not piss him off. Just say thank-you to him and you understand the nature of the situation. Best wishes to logos. Not everybody (surely not me) is lucky to have this chance.
  10. Rejection thread

    Oh, so sorry. I did not mean to offend logos or anybody. By that remark, I really meant to say that it is ridiculous that the program does not offer funding for the incoming PhD students. They should know it is extremely difficult for one to pursue a PhD while working hard to earn money to have the costs covered. I think it is fair to fund every PhD student they decide to take. If my previous post sounds inappropriate, I really apologize. Thanks for your understanding. Sincerely hope logos will get into his hoped-for program with funding. Edit: I am so bad at not posting things that accurately state what I want to say -- I need a language training. I am so stupid sometimes . I will be more cautious when posting.
  11. Rejection thread

    Sorry, but I am wondering how one could pursue a 5-year PhD without financial support? It is going to be a lot of money that one cannot earn by working part-time like a dog. I cannot get it.
  12. PHD program grades relevance?

    Thanks. I agree completely with what you say about courses selection. I would choose those that will contribute to the dissertation research.
  13. Wait-listed and contacting professors?

    My experience shows it is more risky to email the department before you are offered admission. It cannot move you up, but could move you down. I had made email contacts with 3 director of programs, but it turns out I was rejected from ALL of them. Edit: but my cases may not apply to others. I did hear that some people contacted POIs and got in. So it really depends on many factors.
  14. PHD program grades relevance?

    Thanks for the input!
  15. PHD program grades relevance?

    What is the minimum GPA or grades on courses in order not to be kicked out the PhD program?