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  1. angelayar


    Rejected from Yale as well. Though found their email link at least explained that it was to speed up making life decisions which I found more acceptable than Berkeley's approach. Commiserations to other rejected candidates :-)
  2. Really agree with this. I feel sad that I was stupid enough to apply to several schools where I was not a great fit and had little chance including COlumbia. I would advise people to careful about the idea called "reach schools" If you have no chance or are a bad fit I would say (on my experience) forget about it. Just apply where you can get in. REally to spend 100$ for them to skim your file and toss it in the garbage can...you should think more about that.
  3. James Franco didn't get funding!
  4. angelayar


    Congratulations Washington and Kentucky people!
  5. It's the end of the week. And I expected more news! Is there terrible weather in America? I guess I thought to hear from several schools this week! Based on the result page from looking at 2013/2012 and earlier
  6. No I just really wanted to start a debate about whether it was better to get this type of rejction or no. Seems most people think there is no differnce between a letter and this type of go check the site. Seems to be overwhelming majority view that this behavior is ok. Fine! So I will not reappear here or reignite all the hatreds.
  7. angelayar


    If somebody doesn't claim the Indiana acceptance then I'm going to create a new thread entitled Indiana's Insouciance and then get called insane. I'M WARNING YOU. Admit you were admitted.
  8. Lol i have done my MA thesis and now i WATCH MY BOYFRIEND DO HIS! Lol visiting him at his university. I read one page or two of books then I go back to misery
  9. yeah would be great if all came in one week so we don't have so much mental torment for much longer!
  10. Pour yourself a wine Catand scarves! It works for me. i think u will be fine I thnk you already have acceptances and I feel there will be mroe for you!
  11. Oh sorry to hear it Bookishvixen. There is nothing great I can say to you only to say: keep focus on your own work and how your own research goes. That is what keeps me going during rejections! If you want to become historian, that will be your own task.
  12. OK! just dont be afraid to be angry with bad treatment! we are all people still after this treatment. good night!
  13. I'm being serious about this too tho u can press the red button like its some knife you put in me. well done for that.
  14. I'm not laughing I'm really quite sad yea I'm crying a bit too. ive complained to all the housemates and my boyfriend and they are sleeping and i'm complaing to you. i also did to my mom. and berekeley.
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