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  1. Since you’re interested in Chinese history, why don’t you check out East Asian studies programs? Then you can tailor it to make it a quasi-history MA (which I am doing, and I think most programs are flexible enough to let you do this).
  2. If you (and anyone who got in) have a WeChat account please join the group!
  3. Thank you and congratulations to you too!!! Have you made up your mind? I'm committing right away.
  4. I’m so sorry! I didn’t see this part of your message and I apologize for my rudeness. And belated thank you!!! I also got into Stanford, UMich, UCLA, and Duke, but I am accepting the Harvard offer.
  5. I listed another professor as first choice and other two professors. This is my second choice professor (even though the first and second are actually both my first choice as both of them work on subjects very close to my research interest, though with different emphases). I never contacted any of them though two of my recommenders know them personally.
  6. Actually my POI will be on sabbatical so another professor became my advisor (not sure if it's appropriate to disclose his/her name, but I work on Chinese history so...). I think he/she can still reach out even if he/she is on sabbatical (I heard from a friend that he saw his uncle--a professor somewhere--sending out offers on a weekend), maybe it just depends on his/her personality so you might get an offer without contact from the advisor.
  7. Long time lurker here. For those who are waiting, I received an email from my POI at RSEA congratulating my acceptance, in which he mentioned he had just gotten the news that I will be accepted. So presumably advisors will be emailing offers today (if they choose to? Not sure if they are required to do that, so no email doesn't necessary mean rejection I guess?) and the official offer is on the way.
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