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  1. there is a a difference between saying going to those schools for an MA is a waste of money and saying they don’t have a good placement record
  2. if you’re interested in not wasting your parents money, don’t go to any of the US schools you listed for an MA
  3. this shouldn’t be a problem at all. it’s troubling that there is a question about whether such people should be stigmatized in higher education more than they already are. being convicted of a crime isn’t the same as having “bad ethics”
  4. @cladthecrab you might be interested in University of Delaware. They have a funded MA program which works with the museum studies program to give GAships at museums in the area. They offer a grad certificate in museum studies
  5. Is this seen as a good way of teaching students?
  6. If not from a POI, acceptances likely go out together. Waitlists might go out later. I was waitlisted by 4 schools and notified after acceptances by all of them.
  7. I am pretty sure they go out at the same time, but waitlists and rejections are later. I heard I was waitlisted by the department’s director of grad admissions on Feb. 3 when I applied.
  8. You received an email letting you know you moved up?
  9. I was placed on the wait list at Kansas. I am not sure if anybody here applied to Kansas, but if you were accepted and aren't taking the offer, please make room for me!
  10. The wait seems to get more difficult the longer it goes on. Here's to hoping we all hear good news soon!
  11. I was waitlisted for CUNY’s history program, so I’ll take that as good news. Nothing new on the American Studies front.
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