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  1. I think I saw that a couple of you had applied to Hebrew Union College. In case you haven't heard, their committee met today and made their decisions. One of their current students told me that they have about six spots for their Ph.D. program this year. I've been waitlisted. Hope some of you get some good news!
  2. I would recommend emailing Barbara Boles in the CSR (bboles@fas.harvard.edu). Got a very quick response from her.
  3. Ouch. Glad you're in at UCLA...should be a great program. Yeah, I was told yesterday by Harvard CSR that I was "quite high" on their list, but that they couldn't admit me because they only had 7 spots for 156 applicants.
  4. I feel the same way! My euphoria when I was waitlisted at my dream school in mid-January is now turning into constant agitation and inability to focus. I find myself checking my email 10-15 times a day and getting annoyed by weekends because I know I won't hear any updates until Monday at the earliest. I'm sure my family thinks I'm a lot of fun to be around right now.
  5. Does anyone have any insider knowledge about scholarships at Candler (Emory's divinity school)? I'm accepted into their ThM program, as of today, but have no idea yet what the financial aid package will be. Wondering how long the odds are for me to get a full-tuition reimbursement. Thanks!
  6. For those of you who are still waiting to hear from Harvard GSAS, have any of you had communication with them (emails, calls, interviews, etc.) that would lead you to believe that you might still be in the running? I've heard zilch from them since sending in my application, and I'm wondering how many are in the same boat.
  7. Same here. Do we have any idea who the Harvard admit is?
  8. MsBOOM, sorry about the rejection. Thanks for the confirmation on Harvard GSAS! A year off between master's work and PhD work isn't a bad thing. It's what I'm doing right now, actually. Kaplan's GRE prep book dramatically increased my scores when I retook it. Good luck!
  9. I'm currently on the waiting list at Duke. After two rejections (and counting) from other schools, it's my only live option right now. Is there anyone on here with an offer from Duke in hand who would potentially turn it down if a better offer came along? Hey, I can dream, right?
  10. Hey everyone! I'm a little late to this party, so I apologize if I'm rehashing things. Have any of you received an acceptance without getting invited to interview first? The airwaves have been mostly silent for me so far: one email waitlist, one email rejection, but no interview invites. Good/bad/neutral sign, at this point? Thanks!
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