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  1. Received an email from my current school saying I have been waitlisted for a fellowship. I am currently finishing up a Masters and will be starting my PhD in the States next year. I haven't received my official letter yet. Fingers crossed for some waitlist movement!
  2. Another update... so apparently it was a clerical error and I have been admitted to Systematic Theology, the program I applied to. The Mission, Ecumenics, and History of Religions track is jointly administered by both theology and history so I won't be precluded from participation in that! There's also the bonus of my degree being called "Systematic Theology," which is handy because it's what I want to actually teach
  3. Also received my official notice (of rejection) from U.Va. Glad to finally be able to make the decision... PTS here I come!
  4. CGKIMJR, I have not heard from U.Va. either. I emailed Liz Smith, the grad coordinator about this because I knew acceptances and waitlist offers went out a long time ago. In her response from Mar. 7 she said, "You should definitely not give up hope yet, unless you have other offers, of course. But, although your file is very impressive, we can only extend a few offers for the funding and until we hear their decisions, we are waiting, just like the other applicants. The waitlist that we have is very limited, but there is still hope. I do mark the "deny" decisions around the end of March
  5. Yeah, I know. I'm 99% sure I haven't been admitted. I emailed the grad admin and said I was under the impression offers had been made so if I haven't heard, should I expect rejection and she explained that I should still have some hope. It's not so much that I have much hope left, as that if I accept elsewhere without knowing all my options, and then find out that by some freak luck I did get in, I'll kick myself.
  6. This is not in any way a helpful or productive post... but I just have to say, waiting for Virginia is making me nuts.
  7. They just did - I'm not sure how, or if they do that at other schools. I applied to systematic theology, was told I was waitlisted, and then when I opened the official offer it said I was admitted to a PhD in the area of History and Ecumenics. I guess it sort of depends on your specific interests. For example, my interests kind of overlap between systematic theology, ethics, history/sociology of religions, etc so I could conceivable pursue them in any of those subfields. Some projects though, I'm sure, fit more exclusively into one subfield. I also think that because PTS is a seminary and not
  8. Just an update ... I received my formal offer from PTS and have been accepted to the History and Ecumenics area of study. I applied for Theology, Systematics. I think I always had it in my head that I was a "systematics" girl but the History/Ecumenics field makes A LOT more sense for my interests, particularly their "Mission, Ecumenics and History of Religions" track. Also a friend who is a former PTS student had recommended applying through ethics because there is less competition (at least at PTS), and said that once you get in, the official "field of study" is virtually meaningless anyway.
  9. Which is comparable to Harvard for e.g., 7 out of 156 were offered admission in that pool for Fall 2014.
  10. Thanks everyone! Sorry to hear about your news awells27, but good attitude and it definitely looks like you've been accepted at some amazing schools.
  11. Thanks folks!! It is guuuurrrrrllllll haha, by the way!
  12. Accepted off wait list at Princeton Theological Seminary. Yay!!!! I got an informal email from DGS informing me to expect a formal offer! So happy.
  13. Thanks derewigestudent. Do you know what subfield your friend is in (if you don't mind sharing)?
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