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  1. From what I heard, MS students in UK don't get any extension on visa to look for jobs. So they have to search for jobs before their last semester ends and if they find a job then the company will sponsor the visa. This can be tough since you have a 1 year MS there which might mean pretty intensive coursework. In US you get some extension on the visa during which you can look for jobs, or even without that 2 years means you can budget more time in last sem for this. I think Edinburgh is better than UCL in terms of research, but that depends of which particular sub-areas you are interested in.
  2. My area of interest is Machine Learning. Overall I found UMass's research a bit lacking in the particular areas I am interested in. But Columbia is really a great (best) fit for me research-wise.
  3. Hi, I have an admit from Columbia MS (unfunded, initially applied for PhD). I also have admits from UMass Amherst and U of Edinburgh, both fully funded MS+PhD. Am I right in refusing the unfunded MS, since Columbia is also very expensive? If it was funded then I would take Columbia any day above my other admits (this was my first choice), there are a few professors there with whom I would absolutely love to do my PhD and there is a huge overlap in the work they are doing and the work I have done in the past and want to do in future. Is it possible to get some funding for MS at Columbia or t
  4. Would you be an international student? I am not sure but from what I heard the visa rules for MS students are pretty bad in UK because you dont get any extension after graduation. Edinburgh looks better in terms of the faculty. But there are still some great people at UCL - Jonh Shawe-Taylor, Sebastian Riedel, David Barber. But since for MS you are going to do coursework mostly and less research, Edinburgh is still better in my opinion.
  5. Hey persistent_homology, Can you please reply and tell what you decided to do and why? I am in a very similar situation currently and this would be helpful for me.
  6. Thanks cicada2014. I don't have any particular opinion of where I want to work right now, but I do have preference for the type of work. Isn't it the case that most good positions in this field are based in US? Also aren't the visa issues for international students a major hurdle in Europe (after graduation)?
  7. Thanks Marst. Actually I do have an MSc (though in Math). Also my research experience in ML is quite strong, which may compensate for the difference of not having CS MSc. Also, the first year of the Edinburgh program is actually MSc by Reseach (with 6 taught courses)
  8. Thanks for that input kimasx, I was unaware of that. So both options I have are extremely cold
  9. I have admits from these two universities and having a tough time deciding what to do. Please help me. I will be working in machine learning and have good research background in this field. I was a Math major in undergrad with very limited CS coursework. After graduation I will be looking to join one of the big industry research labs. Would also be exploring the possibility of a start-up in this field alongside my PhD. I will be an international student at either place. University of Edinburgh This is the course: http://datascience.inf.ed.ac.uk/ Pros: 1) Good overlap of research interes
  10. I saw a post on the admissions board of a PhD reject who was admitted to funded MS (the same time bulk admits and rejects for Stanford were posted). So I think the fact that we haven't received any notification most likely means we are not being considered.
  11. Hi, had anyone here applied to the CDT in Data Science program at University of Edinburgh. If so, have you heard back from them yet? I had an interview in first week of Feb and was told it would take about 20 days to the final decision, haven't heard back yet. Please post here if you have.
  12. Thanks for the info CSallday and congrats on your admit I was wondering how easy or difficult it would be get another advisor. Any thoughts? Perhaps, if an ex or current student could comment, then that would be really helpful.
  13. Hi, I received an admit from UMass Amherst CS MS/PhD program. The admit letter mentions a "recruiting faculty". Can someone please tell me if this is supposed to be the PhD advisor or just a point of contact. This isn't among the list of POI I had specified in my application but I was contacted by this faculty sometime ago to ask if I would be interested in working with them. I might not be going if this means the phd advisor.
  14. Hi phdProspect, Would you happen to know if Toronto MSc (CS) admits have been sent already? (Sorry, I have nothing to offer in response to your query and I am desperate for some/any info on Toronto) Thanks and congrats on your admits.
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