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  1. I really wish I was not writing in this section... But sadly I am.
  2. It used to be all my SO would drink. Like.... Really. Now she discovered rolling rock, which is almost as cheap but 10x better. I'm still a beer snob. I prefer our locally brewed beers first. I'm trying to make myself like cheap beer, but I just can't. On the topic of hipsters, SO is a hipster (sort of), but drank pbr before the hipsters claimed it. Does that make her the original hipster?
  3. Another thing, sorry.... Don't worry too much about stepping on A's toes. Politely decline, but tell him you respect and highly value his input for your project. Tell him that while you had a better research fit with B, you hope he will be willing to act as an additional mentor for you throughout your program. Just be polite and appreciative for his offer, and I think it will be okay
  4. If it were me, based solely on this information, I would choose B. Professor B is making connections as you'll be beginning your program, and he can take you along for the ride. He is enthusiastic and knows the importance of being realistic when it comes to publishing, so he will understand that it is a major motivation for you. He will be networking with other up-and-coming sociologists in your subfield, and will be able to help you connect with them for later jobs etc.
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