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  1. Cool deal. I am still sitting in limbo, hoping to hear something either way soon
  2. Any of you guys who interviewed hear back yet?
  3. Yes, good luck to everyone! I don't know much about the USF program. All the analytics degrees are so new, I think you are probably best off going with the biggest-name school (with the exception of NC state due to their focus on job placement) I think USF has an advantage that it is located in the San Fran bay area, near all the huge tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Ebay, etc. I would imagine students get jobs at those places upon graduation & the faculty/staff has ties to them
  4. Yea, I also asked if they had any updates and didn't get any response back. I'll post an update on here if/when I hear anything back from them. They say on their website that most people should hear back by April 1, so maybe we will know something by then.
  5. Yeah, hard to tell. Sounds like emco might have interviewed after feb 7, based on saying the interview was Monday following the first week of Feb. Starting to think there might be a wait list or something
  6. Congrats! I had my interview a few weeks ago, still haven't heard anything back either way. Making me very anxious!
  7. Anyone apply to this program this year? I had an interview a few weeks ago but haven't heard anything since. I was wondering how long it took everyone to hear back.
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