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  1. I'm an international applicant (nc resident though - on work visa), not sure if it makes a difference.
  2. I got reply to my mail from ncsu admission team today : They mentioned that my application is still under review (as this year it's taking longer time to review, due to the increase in the number of applications) . I completed mine on Jan 31st.
  3. Guess we might get an update soon. I completed the application on Jan 31st.
  4. Anyone else who completed the application in Jan , got the update?
  5. Even I applied a week back. No updates yet..
  6. Guess It would take a month's time if you had applied in the month of Jan.
  7. Hey Thanks and congrats .. I applied just last week, So guess I might hear back in a month's time. Hoping for the best......
  8. Hi All, Anyone applying for the NCSU Master of Analytics program this year (2018). How long does it take to get an update after we submit the application?
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