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  1. Hello, So now I am finishing my master degree in international relations, and specializing in international security (in France). For my thesis, I would like to concentrate on something involving cyber-security, cyber-war and cyber-defense, in the United States. Does anyone have any opinions as to how to define the question? How to extract a problematic to work on? I would really appreciate any suggestions as I seem to be totally blocked. Best regards, Kaz
  2. Thank you very much, it is all very helpful.
  3. I appreciate your response very much. I find the aforementioned subject more related to philosophy, mainly due to the person Richard Wagner was. Not only did he have a comprehensive worldview, perception of art and how it should be, of culture, of people, religion, politics and as we all know, "races" etc, but he actually wrote extensively about them. That's why I think the matter will require years and years of reading, researching and writing. The very fact of his writing extensively, sets him apart from other composers who would often be subject to study in a musicology department. Put asid
  4. Hello, I am currently finishing my undergraduate degree in France, in musicology. I was curious to know whether the following could be accepted as framework for a PhD thesis: "Christianity in Richard Wagner's Parsifal". I am aware this seems more musicological, but actually I feel it will have very little to do with music, eventhough being a musician will definitely be a great help. Wagner as a composer has at least 10 published articles which deal much more with philosophy than anything even close to music. And of course seldom has one not heard of his controversial views. Should
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