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  1. I had a friend who applied for both Germany ETA and Austria USTA programs back in 2010. She lived in Munich for 5 years when she was in middle and high school and spent her sophomore year abroad in Austria. I thought she would be a brilliant choice for Fulbright given her volunteer teaching background and competency (but not command) of the German language. She ended up getting rejected after the second round for Germany and was an alternate-turned-principal for Austria. I can’t say that this is an indication of what preferences the panels have for applicants who have spent an extended period
  2. ...I'm moving to Austria? Is this real life?

    1. VBD


      Is this just fantasy?

  3. Look at that. Shame on me for not knowing.
  4. Jurgen just sent the Principals an email last week with more information on the visa process. The Commission is sending us our Official Letter of Acceptance and the Bestätigung (this week via snail mail) needed for the application for residence visa. They want everything (application, medical, background check, birth certificate with apostille) filled out and submitted to an Austrian embassy or honorary consulate by July first. Getting everything is time consuming so I am willing to bet that Alternates will be notified this week or next. If you get bumped up--which I'm fairly confident you wil
  5. I feel like as bizarre as that is, you could have some real fun with it....Passport size photo of you with a fez on, giving them a thumbs up while holding a tagine in one arm. Perhaps a wink as well?
  6. I had a German friend who partied a little too hard the night before one of her finals and went in the next day, looked at the test, wrote her name down and walked out. I was in a state of disbelief when she told me it was "no big deal" because she could retake the class next semester for E50.
  7. The only thing Europeans (and everyone else) are thinking, is how crazy we all are for paying what we do for higher education.
  8. I honestly think the only people who put stock in the Ivy League are Americans. For the most part, I don't think Europeans give three shakes where you went to school. The name recognition is there obviously, but it's definitely not an advantage.
  9. Agreed. I don't remember one ETA in my entire 2010-2011 cohort who attended an Ivy League. I'm sure there were a few, but not enough for me to make note of it. A lot of my friends were from small, liberal arts schools in the Pacific Northwest/Midwest.
  10. ...Ich bin so schön. Ich bin so toll. Ich bin der Anton aus Tirol!

  11. I was accepted to both back in 2010 and ultimately chose Germany because of the"prestige factor." I reapplied to Austria this year and I'm super glad they didn't hold the former decision against me. Can't say that because I was accepted back then, that it put me higher on the list for this year...I honestly thought it would make me a less desirable candidate and was expecting alternate status at the very most. Here's to a fast decision for the rest of you guys! I'm keeping my fingers crossed (and my thumbs pressed.)
  12. ...Hey Mom and Dad! I'm going to Austria!

  13. I'm very surprised USTA is keeping the rest of you guys waiting in suspense! I'm sure you will hear Monday or Tuesday. On my email they have an acceptance deadline of April 15th and I can't imagine they wouldn't give you less than two weeks to decide. Fingers crossed for you---
  14. Fulbright USTA to Austria!!!!!! Hip hip hurray!
  15. When an ETA program isn't EXACTLY a Fulbright. For Austria, Fulbright combines their ETA with a Full Grant. Their Austrian American Educational Commission counterpart, in turn, has separate program that is identical to other Fulbright ETA programs, except that it isn't one. This makes it possible for applicants with a background in German to apply to both Fulbright Germany ETA and Fulbright Austria USTA at the same time.
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