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  1. I have just emailed the Health Center of my university. I can send my immunization form with the first dose. Hope this helps!
  2. jvpjvp

    Gainesville, FL

    Hello again. Well now I am seriously looking for an apartment/bedroom/individual lease. Do you have any opinions on 1) Towne Parc, 2) Point West or 3) Ridgemar Commons? I am a 28 years old international student and will be working full time in my contry until the first week of July so I can't travel an search... Any input is appreciated. If anyone knows of a place, please let me know !
  3. Any news from Rice? Nothing on the borad since February 23rd...
  4. jvpjvp

    Gainesville, FL

    I think everyone starting a grad program in another university (or in another country! like me) is anxious. You are not alone. As a very very shy person I can tell that making friends is a lot easier than you think. Also, do not plan the whole thing of friendship. It will happen.
  5. Any news from Berkeley, Rice or Yale?
  6. jvpjvp

    Gainesville, FL

    28 years old international student here freaking out about housing options in Gainesville. I plan to start on august this year at UF. Any toughts on Campus Lodge? Also a coffee freak here @AnthroFilm !
  7. Hello SocProf, I'm from Latin America. I will be applying to PhD programs in sociology this year. I have 4 years of research experience, teaching experience and a publications (2 in peer reviewed journals and 1 book chapter). First, I want some information about the famous "tiers" and my second question is about the recommendation letters. I have emailed some POI's about this and they say that I need "glowing" letters of recommendation. Also if the professor who recommends me does not have a PhD from an US university the recommendation letter has to be written with the style of US recommen
  8. Hello, What are your recommendations on sociocultural anthropology? Is there a ranking I should look? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello I am starting to communicate with POIs, what I want to know is what should I tell them. Show them my profile? talk about my research experience? That I want to work with them? How do I do it politely? Thanks in advance
  10. Hello there, I am applying this December to Universities in Sociology and anthropology. My main question is how many universities I should apply. Any experiences or comments?
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