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  1. Seriously, and particularly because this is for an MA, I would encourage you not to lose any sleep over your decision. Be (eternally) optimistic, and squeeze everything you can from the MA program you've committed to, enjoy your time there, and knock your PhD apps out of the park. To be honest, interests change and evolve. You may settle into an entirely different track by the time you are applying for PhD programs. What is most important with the MA (I think) is to have supportive faculty and a chance to strengthen your own interests and sense of direction. And, of course, that funding i
  2. Oooo! Thanks for the update collikl! Now, of course, I will anxiously await correspondence from UW (as if I wasn't already). Did you end up accepting elsewhere?
  3. How was I unaware that this existed? I just thought the April 15th deadline was a general, tacit agreement. I had no idea there was an actual list of signatories. Thanks for sharing. It does state, though, that the resolution applies only to offers of financial support and not offers of admission. Not sure if/how that would affect brod's situation.
  4. I'm in the same boat. Would love to go there, but that money is crucial.
  5. anybody have any idea how many acceptances/funding offers UW gave out this year? all I know is that it was "competitive" and that they weren't able to make as many offers as past years. anyway, just wondering if anybody has heard any statistics.
  6. I agree with Andrew. If you've already paid an enrollment fee, you might not get that back, but I'd imagine that the better offer will cancel that out. In any case, I'd just explain your situation as nicely as you can to the place where you had already accepted. I see accepting a school's offer as not unlike accepting a job offer. If something better comes up, changing your mind could be awkward, but you've got to do what's best for you. Plus, you'll be giving the gift of a late and unexpected acceptance to some waitlister out there.
  7. Hey skybythelight! I'm back, with more questions. I was wondering if you'd mind telling me a little about your perception of the general "tenor" of the department (for lack of a better word) in terms of its methodological foci. Obviously, UW has a fairly large English department, so generalizations are certainly that--just generalizations, but I'm wondering what sorts of approaches to literature seem most common among students (i.e., Do you find that students tend to take a theoretical focus? Or do they despise theory? Are people more into being historians of literature? Etc, etc, etc).
  8. I would definitely advise against appealing the grade. Certainly, asking the professor the explain your grade is completely valid, but I'd do everything possible to avoid any sort of negative confrontation. As much as we might not want to admit it, academia is very much about connections and not pissing off the wrong people. It's probably more important to avoid offending people than it is to have the A, particularly when you'd only be bumping it up from an A-. (I could see appeal as a potentially useful course of action if you were given, say, a D.) That said, I don't think that having an
  9. oh, boy. the liquid: mostly J&B scotch, because it was on sale. or old overholt rye. the soild: nachos upon nachos upon nachos. or pasta.
  10. Probably won't have the chance to visit, as I'm currently on the other side of the country. But I may end up there in the fall--we'll see!
  11. Another question popped into my head--perhaps you could answer. How is the English department divided at UW? The department seems to be seems to be fairly large, and I was wondering what percentage are MFA, Comp/Rhet, Lit, TESOL, etc? Also, how do the various groups work together? (i.e., Do Lit students get priority registration for Lit classes? Do the various groups interact with each other much? Do all groups draw from the same funding pool/compete for the same funds?) Also--I spoke with Jennifer on the phone the other day. She was incredibly helpful and very nice. She didn't seem rushed
  12. collikl - Me too! Woohoo! skybythelight - Do you have any idea what the committee looks for in terms of funding offers? (For incoming or current students.) What kind of things were a part of your application for funding?
  13. Skybythelight, thanks so much for the detailed response! It's certainly helpful to hear all the ins and outs from a current student. Crossin' the ol' fingers tight.
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