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  1. If you fancy coming to England then UCL has a great MSc in Bioarchaeology (I am just finishing it). It is a year as with all British masters programs. Here is a link to the program's site: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/archaeology/masters/summary/msc-skeletal.htm There are also programs at Durham, York, Bradford etc but the UCL one is awesome and being in London is great. Ohio State is also very good for Bioarchaeology, but I dont know whether it offers a terminal masters. Hope this helps a bit
  2. Hi All About The Bones,

    I was just reading your profile. I am also based in London and will be heading to Emory this fall. Drop me a note if you are free to meet up?



  3. wants it to be august so so bad

  4. I got this also, mostly I am amused by it. I love the idea that you can put everything you need to tell them about your educational background and hopes and why you would be good for the program in a 350-500 word statement, and yet they say its crazy competitive and the statement is really important?! Hummm. Maybe if you write it in Haiku you get in? It really seems like they are sending it when you may have lost hope and be a bit desperate but it really doesnt seem great, as Lise says, seems like a way to make money. Maybe its best to just wait and look into all the options for next year
  5. I am sorry to hear that the 'grad housing' is so disappointing, it looks pretty good on the website, sad times. Good luck with the rest of your search, something is out there! And on the up side you get to see loads of Atlanta before moving, I am very jealous about that!
  6. Congrats on your place! I am going to get a car, but I am not intending to use it to get to campus so have been looking at where to live near Emory etc. I am pretty certain I want to move to Decatur as it has houses and condos, loads of restaurants and stuff. There is also a free Emory shuttle which goes from the MARTA station there quite frequently by the look of it. Also as there is a MARTA station it will be easy to get into central Atlanta without the traffic jams (I am from London so tube links are quite important to me and I am reluctant to have to drive EVERY where). Anywhere close
  7. Thought we should have a general thread (no offence Rollins people!)....I got an offer a little while ago in anthropology but it only just became official I am massively excited about starting, really wishing away the months (I am also excited that I get to have a proper summer for once and get out of rainy England!). Was just wondering who else is going, what subjects, where people were thinking of living (Decatur looks good?) etc etc.... Congrats to everyone!
  8. I spend most of my time genuinely having no idea why the program I got into decided to take a chance on me, and feeling massively, ecstatically, giddily grateful that they did. In my more critical lucid moments however I, like many others, feel that the reason I got in is the applicability of my interests to the program I applied to and my preparation for the work there. I only got into one program out of the four I applied to. It was my top choice and I spent way more time thinking and working on this app than the others and I guess it showed. I think my international status helped a littl
  9. Hey tlrubin :) I have accepted my offer from Emory as it was my top choice place. I am a bit unsure who my supervisor will be as I fall within a few, either George Armelagos, Michelle Lampl or Carol Worthman. I think George Armelagos is most likely. congrats on your admits. I had also applied to NYU but withdrew when I had my interview. Good luck with the wait list and your decision :)

  10. You are correct, hey Ashley!!! I am glad we can be rejection and acceptance buddies. Also we will most definitely be celebrating your birthday. Whoop for us :)

  11. I am about 98% sure that this must be Emily!!! Hi Emily! :) Hopefully I will be in town by August 10th... then we can celebrate my birthday in ATL! (August 11th)

  12. Hello! I'm the fellow IDPAS reject/Emory accept! I would be working with Frans de Waal, who would your advisor be?

    I'm pretty sure that I'll accept, but I'm just waiting to hear back from everywhere (mostly NYU) to make sure. What are you thinking?

    PS- congrats!!

  13. I think it is best not to take something that relies too heavily on personal taste/ style, and also to take something that will not make you feel awkward when you give it, if you take anything at all. I am going to an interview weekend tomorrow, and am taking some chocolates with me. I am coming from London, so its kinda like a local thing (I have found that our British chocolate is certainly different from American chocolate, better in my opinion but I am biased!). I got some bars for my hosts and a box for the rest of the faculty as I am meeting with loads of people but spending more ti
  14. For what its worth I would say yes. I dont think it will hurt at all. I have a similar experience in that I got an award for some of my research just before chirstmas and after I had handed in all my apps. I updated my CV and phoned to ask if I could change it on their systems. I was unsure whether to bother, but as my current supervisor put it 'the worst it can do is bump your application in their memories'. Maybe put it in some form which can simply be updated in your file, such as a CV?
  15. It does provide a certain sense of being knowing that you are crazy, but others are too! I think I will stick around too (although I am currently feeling so pessimistic that just writing this is hard) and loiter particularly in the international students section as it would have really helped me at the beginning. I am looking forward to being able to sleep properly and not getting a stomach ache just thinking about the possibilities though! Although I am sure I will start fretting over the logistics of moving country straight away though. Good luck to all
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