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  1. has been waitlisted for over month, and still waiting...

  2. My vote is for dlb! I've been trying to find public health grad school rants on the web and haven't been able to find anything. And I know that there are tons of applicants out there and an interest.
  3. The program starts in January.
  4. I completely understand where you're coming from. The only school left to decide has me on a wait list. I can only hope that the students accepted at Tufts also got into an ivy league school and declined. It sucks that our destiny is decided by a group of people who define us by our grades and test scores.
  5. Forgive me. Being waitlisted for a month and a half has made me quite a crotchety pessimistic person.
  6. Shai, I think that only works if there is an equal chance that anyone would make that 5% pool, and it really depends on what's in your portfolio. For example, someone with my dreadful GREs scores would have even less chance of getting in to one of your proposed schools.
  7. Didn't think I'd be updating so early but I now have: Accepted: 0 Rejected: 1 BU Waitlisted: 1 Tufts No reply: 1 Northeastern and Spring Term starts the second week in January! This will be a rough month...
  8. I disagree. I was in the same situation this year, and I'm applying for spring term 2010. I went to the prospective student day at BU, where it was recommended that I send an update with my midterm grades, and I did. I'll let you know if I get in. I'm waiting for my acceptance letter right now. I'm told the letters were mailed on Monday.
  9. I'm applying to 3 MPH Programs for the Spring 2010: Tufts, BU, and Northeastern I already know I'm waitlisted at Tufts I'm predicting an eventual reject from Tufts, accept from BU and accept from Northeastern I don't want to go to Northeastern. They don't offer concentrations in epidemiology, just a standard MPH degree. It's gonna be hard applying for a PhD in Epi with a standard degree.
  10. Hey everyone, I'm applying to several MPH-epidemiology programs in Boston for the Spring 2010 term. It's a month before my potential classes start and I'm freaking out because I'm waitlisted at one place (Tufts) and haven't heard ANYTHING from Boston University or Northeastern (rolling admissions, ugh). I'm told that this delay is because so many people have applied and it's taking longer than expected...yada yada. Well, since so many of us are applying Spring term, I thought I'd reach out and start a forum for us to vent out about admissions. Perhaps blowing off this extra steam will prevent us all from marching into the admissions office and demanding status. Please let everyone know when you find out where you got in. The info below is so we can all overanalyze whether I'm getting in or not, sweet: Undergrad: Drexel University, Screenwriting/Playwriting: GPA 3.24, Social science GPA 3.75, Math GPA 3.5, Statistics 4.0 GRE: V380 Q580 A3 (yeah I know) 4 years of pharma advertising experience 20 University of Minnesota Continuing Education credits in Public Health
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