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  1. Thank you so much for the response! Yes they are both accredited so thats good! I guess regardless I come out with the same thing. But with online it may be easier for me to move up in my current workplace.. Thank you for all of your help!
  2. Hello everyone, I have gotten into both UofT and the online University of Alberta course. I am currently working in the public library system in a very low position (page) but I enjoy it and I do not want to jeopardize my foot in the door in any. I haven't heard much good about the UofT program to be honest from recent grads. And it costs more than the UofA program. Both are accredited. My commute would be 2 hours so that would write me off for a couple of days of work and I am not sure my job will like that. My only issue is I have spoken only to one person who is in this online pro
  3. I am debating on whether to apply again and if its worth it if my gpa is still only 3.75. Anyone else trying again?
  4. Hello everyone, Any waitlisters going to give it another shot next cycle?
  5. For those on the waitlist for U of T... they are evil. I have emailed the admissions team and they said that even when the program is filled and they are no longer accepting people off the waitlist they will not notify us until the end of summer.
  6. Anyone waitlisters heard anything??? Still waiting on UofT !
  7. hello! I am also a waitlister to uoft but have not heard anything. I think they begin two weeks after April 15th or something like that? I dont know if they've begun yet
  8. congrats my fellow wait lister ! I was wondering the same thing..i think maybe ill call once they I see they start accepting people off the wait list. For now it seems like they're compiling people who agree to stay on wait list and waiting for people that have received acceptances . Unless you have another program that needs a decision I would wait a little.
  9. if you need any more info just msg! Mind you everything I know is from word of mouth from therapists
  10. hi speech bubble congrats on both your acceptances ! I was privileged to work with two SLPs who owned a therapy business. One went to western the other to uoft.apparently western is more paediatric focused and they have an in house clinic. Uoft is more adult/research focused and they have affiliations with lots of hospitals in the toronto area
  11. From what I hear about Toronto, it appears more research intensive and focuses more on adults. At least that is what I have heard over the years. I don't know anything about McGill but I know a friend who got accepted to all and chose McGill.
  12. Waitlisted at U of T!! If anyone wants to give up their spot that would be great haha!
  13. I am so with you there. I am pretty pessimistic about getting in this year, but I just need that confirmation so I can figure out what I am going to do with my life!
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