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  1. Profile Evaluation, Statistics Masters/PHD

    Well, you have really good standardized test scores and a pretty good score on the GRE subject math. You also are Hispanic, which should weigh into your favor as there are not many LatinX people in statistics. You clearly have a strong desire to be in the Chicago area (I'm going to venture a strong guess you went to UIC). NW and Chicago are tough, but I think you have a slight chance. I'd be very surprised if you didn't get into UIC. Why not apply to some schools like UIUC, Purdue, Wisconsin, and Iowa State for their PhD program?
  2. Profile Evaluation -- MS/PhD Stat Fall 2018

    I think Duke's PhD program would be extremely difficult for you to get into. If I were you, I would target the larger state school programs like Penn State, TAMU, Purdue, etc. I know Penn State favors high writing GRE scores, so there's a big benefit for you.
  3. Profile Evaluation, Statistics PhD/MS

    Totally agree with this. I think you have a decent shot at a top-10 stats / top-5 biostats. I'd maybe replace Northwestern with U Chicago.
  4. Stats PhD profile evaluation, thanks

    Based on what? I'm sure admissions for both are roughly equally competitive. Apply to what you're interested in.
  5. Statistics/Social Science Fields?

    Economics is your best bet and you definitely do not need an undergrad degree in Econ to do it. Most will ask that you have at least taken undergraduate micro and macro though. They are more interested in your math ability.
  6. I think you're in the running for pretty much anywhere you apply. Take and do well on the Math subject GRE and you can probably even have a good shot at Stanford.
  7. PhD Stats Profile Evaluation

    If you're only interested in probability, then I think the rankings system falls apart--that is, there are schools outside the top-10 that are well known in probability (UNC's STOR program comes to mind). You definitely have a good shot. I would just say research the schools that do a lot of work / have well known professors in probability theory instead of just looking at the rankings. In my opinion, the rankings are more useful if you're not really sure what exactly you want to do.
  8. Biostat MS Profile Evaluation

    I doubt that the will C hurt you after getting an A+ in multivariate. You got a very strong score on the GRE. I would be very surprised if you didn't get into at least a few of those schools for an MS.
  9. Stat MS Profile Evaluation

    If it's possible to apply as a US citizen, you should. There's a lot of grants, fellowships, etc. that can only be applied to US citizens. I agree with @biostatboi--there are stats programs out there that study finance stuff. UCSB and Rice come to mind (they're not super high in the rankings, but have strong faculty working in finance). I missed the part of your post that says your terminal goal is a PhD in finance or accounting. While a masters in statistics might help increase your profile, I'm not sure if it will be a huge difference maker. SNU is #119 on the US News Global Rankings and it's the best in your country. I'd say your profile is strong enough to apply to some PhD programs directly without even doing an MS in stats. If you're interested in more the statistics side of things, maybe it makes sense to pursue a PhD in stats. I'm not sure about how much statistics connects with accounting though. Perhaps try posting your profile in the finance section of this forum and/or other forums that are dedicated toward Business PhDs like,, Wall Street Oasis, and Quantnet and see where they think you stand. I know that business PhD admissions are hyper-competitive, but I'd be surprised if you got in nowhere applying to like 10-12 schools.
  10. Stat MS Profile Evaluation

    I would say you'd be very competitive for an MS anywhere--including the elite programs like Duke, Harvard, etc. That's just for the acceptances. I doubt seriously those programs offer funding (I'm 99% sure UMich doesn't) for MS students. Also, and others can probably comment on this better than I can, it might be more difficult to secure funding as an international student. Just something to keep in mind. If I were you, I'd target the schools that don't distinguish between MS/PhD like I spoke about above. If you search the forum, I think there are several that people mention / have found. I want to say that maybe Indiana does the same?
  11. Stat MS Profile Evaluation

    With that background, I'd be surprised if you got rejected from any of those schools except maybe UBC (I don't know a lot about them). University of Florida has their master's degree embedded with their PhD, so they fund all admitted students (although they do "hope" you'll continue onto the PhD--but many don't).
  12. Which Schools to Apply To

    You should find a profile evaluation template and use that for these posts. Just browse the forum. There's a somewhat standard format.
  13. Need advice/reccomendations on PhD programs

    I agree with cyberwulf. Take another math class. I had research experience but nearly 3 years of it going into grad school. I doubt that less than 1 year of it will be a difference maker. Regarding Abstract Algebra II, I'd be interested to see what other people have to say. I'd say if you think you can manage a B+ or better it's probably worth retaking it, but anything less than that I either think it won't make a difference or it may hurt you (that you've performed "average" or less twice on the same class).
  14. Math PhD Profile Evaluation

    You're probably better off posting this profile on This forum is really more stats/biostats focused.
  15. Stats PhD profile evaluation, thanks

    I think UF and Purdue are solid choices because they have a reputation for admitting a lot of international students. You might want to check with your undergrad institution's faculty to see where they've placed people before. I'll admit the B+ in Analysis doesn't look great but since it is a school in China it might hold different weight (I am not sure about this).