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  1. It doesn't seem weird to me at all. In fact, when I was visiting a school this past spring, a current grad student (in her 4th year) invited me out for coffee. At the end she handed me her card and told me to feel free to contact her with any questions about the program. I'm assuming the school provided them since it had the school seal on it.
  2. carolina45

    Albany, NY

    I'm going to be starting at Albany in the fall too and I've actually already found a place and signed a lease. I had great luck on the university's off campus house website: http://www.albany.edu/housing/offcampus.shtml. If you click on "Go to the Housing search page" you will be taken to a screen and will have to enter your email address and password. (I had received info in the mail about how to set this up). I just found an apartment that sounded good and had a friend of the family who lives in Albany go take a look at it and send me pictures. Then the landlord mailed me a lease and everything was set! It was really easy and pretty stress free.
  3. carolina45


    I'm heading to Albany! Feel free to message me
  4. There are a lot of things to consider here. How far you are into the coming out process in general, where you are location-wise (Southern U.S., New England, west coast..), etc. Of course some social climates are more accepting than others. For me, it was very clear from my personal statement that I identify as queer, so in that respect it's a relief that I can go in without the burden of having to "come out" to the department. Most likely there will be gay grad students wherever you go, so you won't have to worry about being the only one. Many schools also have gay grad student groups. I met several queer students when I went on one campus visit who were eager to tell me anything I wanted to know about the community. It's always a personal choice whether to come out in any situation, but in my opinion it would be a heavy burden to have to stay closeted for 5-6 years in grad school.
  5. carolina45

    UMass Amherst

    Hmm.. I saw people had received decisions by calling and speaking to the Director/grad secretary. I just called and asked and they said final decisions would be made in 1-2 weeks and that they had no more information beyond that. This is so frustrating!
  6. carolina45

    Albany, NY

    Hello! I also am most likely going to be heading to Albany in the fall. swalroth - This may not be your area of expertise, but I was wondering if you knew anything about the queer/lesbian scene in Albany. After living in DC for 2 years and having a wonderful community, I'm a little worried about moving to a much smaller place. Do you by any chance have any insight into the general attitude towards the queer community? Thanks!
  7. carolina45

    UMass Amherst

    Hmm I saw someone just posted a Umass rejection on the results page. I just checked my application status online and it still says "applied". Does anyone else have any info?
  8. carolina45


    It was for regular sociology Ph.D.
  9. carolina45


    I just received an email rejection. It was a form email but did say "Dear [my first and last name]". It was signed by the chair of the graduate committee, Victor Nee, but came from a different email address.
  10. Have you by any chance heard any word on a visting weekend for Albany or received any other information? I have heard nothing besides the initital acceptance email.
  11. carolina45

    UMass Amherst

    Has anyone else heard any word from UMass Amherst? Their website says it takes 5-6 weeks after the January 15th deadline to release decisions. We're now at the end of week 7... I emailed them twice, but have gotten no response. Does anyone know anything?
  12. I'm currently frustrated with one school whose website says admissions decisions will be released at the end of February, and who has not (as far as I know) contacted anyone. The same school is also apparently opposed to responding to emails. I tried emailing back in the fall with a question about a writing sample and then a few days ago about the timeline for admissions decisions and both times....nothing. Grrrr so frustrating!!!
  13. I would agree with the other posters that fit is pretty much the most important thing. I applied to several schools thinking "well...there isn't exactly anyone there doing what I want to do, but maybe they'll find me unique/different/interesting". I was so, so wrong. (I even applied to a school where a professor I contacted told me not to bother applying because my research wasn't being done there). Pretty much a complete waste of time and money. Oh well...live and learn, right? Foruntately I've been accepted to a school with full funding. Even though I guess it wasn't my "top choice", I knew from the very beginning it was by far my best fit. So I'm very, VERY happy.
  14. carolina45


    I'm not positive, but I would asasume '8 spots' means they have room for 8 students to matriculate. In that case they would accept several more than 8.
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