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  1. HKgal

    U Washington 2010

    Really??? Is it highly quantitative? Gosh! I am a highly qualitative person and have just confirmed my enrollment with my deposits. I am accepted by UIC, UMass and FSU too. But I have rejected UMass and FSU just now. Should I accept UIC instead? Or should I bear with being quantitative and learn to deal with numbers? Is there really no room for qualitative persons in UW?
  2. HKgal

    UMass Amherst

    Dear friends of Gradcafe, I have been accepted by U Mass Amherst with 5-year-teaching/research assistantship. But in fact, I have little knowledge about the school. I would like to ask: 1) her reputation of Sociology in the US in general and their strength. Does it match with my interest (i.e. gender and qualitative research method)? 2) As my lover and I want to get married soon in my hometown, is it possible for me to study U Mass Amherst for 2 years full-time and then I do my fieldwork for 3 years in my hometown? This is a real headache for me and my boyfriend. 3) Lastly, as I am not a particularly smart person, I am concerned about the graduation rate and the average years for an individual to finish a PhD. Thanks a lot for your help! Wish you good luck for your application! HKgal
  3. HKgal

    Emailing profs

    Dear friends, In last year's application, i didn't send any emails to profs. A very kind prof emailed me one day and told me that i'd have had a better chance if I did some matching beforehand. Hmm...but I have several questions and I sincerely hope that you can help: 1) What content should I write in the email? I guess I should briefly introduce myself and tell the profs. my research interest. But should I attach a resume and an SOP too? Or should i ask about my possibility of getting in? 2) Should I send to one prof. in each school? Or should I send to a few that I am interested? 3) If he/she doesn't reply, should I still apply? Regards, HKgal
  4. HKgal

    Job offer Vs PhD

    Guys, thanks for your reply. I have signed the contract finally...the remuneration package is really cool...and yesterday night, I beg Penn State to give me a reply earlier. And after a few hours, I received a reply from Penn State saying that they are offering to another candidate instead of me. Of course, I am very upset about this...I have been waitlisted for three different uni and it turns out that two of them have rejected me. The final one is New York Uni and I think the chance is very slim. In fact, I am eager to get into the academic field...maybe I should wait for 2 more years and hope that the US economy can get better. I guess by then I should have a higher chance to get into the program & have fundings from the schools. Thanks again for your advice. HKgal
  5. HKgal

    Job offer Vs PhD

    Dear folks, I am very troubled now. I am given a job offer with a really high salary...but then Penn State sent me an email recently and told me that they may give me an offer and will choose either me or another girl. The date of signing the contract is 8 April...but then, the reply from Penn State is 10 April. That firm disagreed to postpone the date for signing the contract. So what should I do? HKgal
  6. HKgal


    Thanks ewurgler for being considerate for the people on wait list. I am one of waitlistees and I am still waiting. Ewurgler, what is the deadline for accepting/ declining the offer? I'd like to learn about this so that I can estimate when UNC is going to send me an email. Though you have declined the offer for some days already, I still don't have any reply from UNC. My nerves get on me and I just keep checking email...very sick indeed. Thanks for your information in advance.
  7. HKgal

    Wait List

    Hi, everyone. I am sooooo impatient now. I've been placed on 3 waiting lists. What can I do in order to increase my chance of getting an admission offer? And does 'waiting list' mean 'waste list'?
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