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  1. I would ask for a Skype chat and see if you could chat with both your professors and the coordinator for the history dept. I was at the campus visit for Chicago, which solidified my decision for that program over Berkeley, and had a great experience all around. The fellow admits, grad students, and profs were all extremely friendly and helpful, while my interactions with the professors, whether in formal or non-formal settings, were all positive.
  2. Well I made my decision on Chicago. It was a hard one but I feel it will be the best fit.
  3. Congrats! Medieval history (Germany) with a focus on law, lordship, and violence.
  4. I agree. With the joy of acceptance comes the stress of decision making and also recognizing how blessed we are to be able to pursue a doctoral program.
  5. Any rejection stings even when you get into a top school so don't feel bad about feeling bummed out. The impersonal notifications can be harsh though, at least my POI at Columbia emailed me and said that my application was more than adequate but my research interests did not match with the dep (which I already though was going to be an issue).
  6. Perhaps as enjoyable as possible due to the standard opaqueness of German academic writing. I always wonder who one should blame for this. Perhaps Hegel?
  7. I think that will be the case ie., where I feel more comfortable during the campus visit. The very close match of interests between me and my potential adviser at Chicago is weighing me more towards that program though.
  8. I was told that there are two Chicago Phd admits for 2015 in Medieval history, not sure of the other sub-fields, but I do not know if they are going to visit from what I have heard. I would set up a skype chat with your POI and get in contact with some of the current grad students to make an evaluation on the program. What is your field?
  9. High medieval Germany though I also have an interest in that period as well.
  10. Right now I am reading Heinrich Mitteis' Der Staat des Hohen Mittelalter which is something like a German take on Strayer's On the Medieval Origins of the Modern State. It is really interesting because it presents a comparative approach with a focus on Germany, though covering Scandinavia, the Iberian peninsula, central Europe, and Italy, from the Carolingian period onto the 1300s. I actually enjoy his prose style as compared to some of the other German historians I am reading now.
  11. I received the full fellowship so I think that it is why it is so high. I am most interested in working with Mauereen Miller, especially being that she has worked allot on episcopal authority, lordship, and reform. My primary interests lie in episcopal lordship (secular to), especially within Germany, and its paradoxical role in reform, the resolution of conflict/dispute, and of course questions about its place in the 'territorialization' of high and late medieval Germany (the German historiography on the middle ages has become an obsession as of late).
  12. I have two campus visits for Chicago and Berkeley (admitted to both), which were my top picks, and having to decide between the two is going to be agonizing. Berkeley gives better funding all around and will pay for my trip out though Chicago is only giving 2,000 less per year. However, the cost of living in both respective cities may tip the balance either way.
  13. Thanks! Jonathan Lyon. He is one of the few scholars who focuses on medieval Germany, which is my primary area of interest.
  14. I just received an admit from Chicago via email. Looks like this week is when things start to heat up.
  15. I just received via email an acceptance from Kings for their Masters in Medieval History. It is however conditional upon the maintenance of a certain GPA this semester.
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