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  1. With it being April 18th, did anyone here accepted to Indiana - Bloomington decline their admission?
  2. Considering a program at IUPUI and have been looking into rental prices in and near downtown and campus areas. I'm a little confused by all of the varying rent prices from $1500/month 1 bedrooms to $500 house rentals. What is the deal? Are there any specific and affordable (on graduate stipend) apartments someone would suggest me to look into?
  3. VLynn

    Nashville, TN

    If it is truly just off campus, $795 is a steal for the area. Do you know the road it is on? I'll happily give you details on anything I can.
  4. I also suggest Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art (Stiles/Selz). I have been reading this for the past year every night before bed. Amazing reference.
  5. 2 Rejections so far and have yet to hear any news from my other applications. Be grateful the majority of you are getting the opportunity to interview! Waiting with absolutely no feedback to go on is painful.
  6. VLynn

    Nashville, TN

    No, no... don't fear anything. I just thought it was really important to reply to posts about cheap rent alternative areas like East Nashville... to explain why those areas are so much cheaper. There's no such thing as a completely safe city. There are areas with affordable rent that are safe in Nashville like those I listed, but there are also not so safe areas which have cheap rentals. If I were moving somewhere from out of town, I would want to know, so I thought I should post and clarify.
  7. The Salon talks from Art Basel can be found on Youtube. The forum doesn't allow a link to youtube... just search "art basel salon talks"
  8. VLynn

    Nashville, TN

    Affordable, young, safe areas to look that are easily less than 15 mins from Vandy and Belmont campuses: 12th Ave South (12 South) Area Sylvan Park A few great room-share options are always near Belmont Blvd, Woodmont, and Granny White Pike... easily under your $900/month More expensive: Gulch Area Brentwood (20-25 minutes away) Green Hills area West End Ave 21st Ave ***Germantown is often talked about as the new trendy up and coming neighborhood, but be warned... the area's safety is questionable to say the least. It's equivalent to East Nashville in that it is located
  9. Repeating this: Rather than having to click through 10+ pages of forum threads to find information on admissions, it is so much more time efficient to be able to access recent admissions results (acceptances, rejections, interview request dates, etc.) in the "Results Search" and "Submit Results" tabs at the top of the page. It is located right under the theGradCafe.com logo. Looking through past MFA results submissions, the results search is highly underutilized by visual arts applicants of past years compared to every other grad school concentration. For the sake of future applicants
  10. Applying to painting/interdisciplinary for 2015. www.clarehorne.com Tom (tcornel5) ...loving your work.
  11. VLynn

    Nashville, TN

    Having grown up in Nashville, when I decided to apply to grad schools, I applied to schools in every other city possible. Yes, Nashville is an up and coming city according to the glossy marketing campaigns the city has paid exorbitant amounts of money for. The trendy bars, restaurants, boutiques, condos are new but the culture remains the same. If you are looking to join a diverse community with liberal/progressive mindset(s), plan to spend a year (plus) searching for a small group of people to have conversations with outside of your academic department. If you are not familiar with South
  12. I'm in a similar position- nearly completed my applications, but I had to go to a plan B recommendation after I didn't hear from one of my original LORs for three weeks. Needless to say, I got a bit nervous, but I'm sure this has been a pretty stressful process for everyone applying.
  13. Woah- so so nice of you to post. Thank you! I'm a bit taken back by the comparison of fine art and fashion. What a statement.
  14. Maybe the most relatable post on the forum. I'm with ya.
  15. University of California, San Diego (uscd.edu) ---One of the most theory heavy programs I've read up on thus far. They have both MFA and Phd programs.
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