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  1. Of course, it depends on how much time you want to invest and what your ultimate goals are, but I just want to throw out there that a lot of people who are interested in policy work end up in PhD programs in poli sci or sociology, for example, which are often free. SIPA was one of the things that attracted me originally to Columbia-- I attended a few classes at SIPA and they were incredible-- but it was a better fit for my long-term interests as well as my purse strings to go for a (free) PhD (in sociology). I can take courses at SIPA and work with the professors, many of whom teach courses both in SIPA and GSAS. I'm sure you probably already thought about all of this, so I'm sorry if I'm saying stuff you already know. It's just that, last year at this time I had my eyes at SIPA and for me, I'm glad that I did not go that route. (And I second the pre-2009 reputation of SIPA as a cash cow). In any case, if the MPA/ MIA route is the right one for you and you matriculate, maybe we'll be in classes together Though I anticipate that you and I, "le_neocon," might end up in a friendly argument more than once Best of luck to you in your decisions.
  2. If you feel like you have to "settle" during your MA, you can still apply to go to your top school for your PhD. 1. It is the school where you get your PhD which is going to matter most in your career, and of course, 2. they pay you. Best of luck in your decisions, and congratulations!
  3. I can imagine it would totally screw with the housing market (and the admissions process) if it was free housing in addition to stipend. I know several of my friends who would probably try to go back to school simply for that reason alone!! But it's not a dumb question at all. I forwarded the letter to my mother, husband, and mother-in-law (via email) and all three of them asked the same question.
  4. Unfortunately, it just means eligibility to apply, and you have to pay for it yourself. I received the same letter (different department) and asked about housing on the visiting days. The housing seems like a pretty good deal if you don't live in NYC and don't have the ability to go apartment-hunting around Columbia. It is also subsidized by the university, so it is usu. cheaper than what you would pay in the private market. But from what I understand, no pets I have to call them though; keeping my fingers crossed!
  5. Thank you for commiserating, Maya, as well as for the insider scoop from your experience last year. I, too, expect mine to be a rejection, but I'm actually glad to hear that it will be an email. 1. I can call them tomorrow if I don't hear anything, and 2. I get way more anxious opening thin, hastily-prepared envelopes. And of course, 3. Receipt, delete! I'm ready to put a nail in this coffin! PS- I'm not sure if the link in my prior post was obvious, http://sociology.fas.nyu.edu/page/graduate
  6. It seems we weren't the only ones wondering! PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE SOCIOLOGY DEPARTMENT REGARDING ADMISSIONS DECISIONS. THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF ARTS & SCIENCE WILL HAVE ALL NOTIFICATIONS OUT NO LATER THAN MARCH 15TH. PLEASE READ THE PROSPECTIVE GRADUATE FAQ BEFORE CONTACTING THE DIRECTOR OF GRADUATE STUDIES. Today, apparently? The Graduate FAQ says the "graduate admissions department expects to mail out decisions. . ."-- ugh! Does anyone have evidence to the contrary, that it will be email? Sorry if this freaks anybody out, I'm hoping that soon we will all feel some relief!
  7. ** I'm replying simply to revive this post, so it appears in "new content." Apparently new votes don't count as new content? Administrators, where art thou? **
  8. I have two awesome Brooklyn Industries "large H bags," one all plain black (more business-y), one white w/ purple floral. The fabric patterns they have now online are not my favorite but keep your eye out for cooler ones or check out a store if there is one near you where there's more selection. These bags are ridiculously spacious (holds 14" redwell files comfortably) and incredibly durable. They are a bit pricey but have a lifetime guarantee. Imagine three years of commuting on the subway, over an hour each way, filled to the brim with files, books, ipod, lipgloss, etc., and the black one is still perfect; it is no surprise this company is booming among the commuter set. I don't own any of the other styles, but if they are produced in the same factory I bet the quality is excellent.
  9. I think you should post this as a survey with score ranges; you will probably get more responses that way (because of the anonymity). Interesting question!
  10. If funding is the main thing preventing you from attending, and you feel like the program is a great fit for you, I recommend writing a compelling email to the chair of the department making your case for why the program is right for you and how you will go there if offered funding. I do not know if this will make or break your funding offer, but I don't believe it could hurt you, and I believe that there is still some money floating around available to be offered to people (from other applicants turning it down). Best of luck!!
  11. Dreams! 1. It's your dream, there is a certain amount of pricelessness to that. 2. It really isn't a huge amount of debt. 3. You'll happily pay it off, because you will feel like it is worth every penny. 4. You'll be so passionate about it, I'm sure you will do great research and get additional research grants, etc., along the way which will help pay it off. 5. Consider asking the school for more money, I don't think asking can hurt you. Congratulations, and good luck!
  12. First of all, congrats on getting in, that's awesome. And one of the top 20 programs in the country! I wouldn't call that low-ranked, you should be proud of yourself! Anecdotally, I know of one student who "followed" a professor from one ranked ~20 program to another ranked ~10 program after his MA, not because of the rankings, but rather due to a lack of general support of the sociology department and his research interests specifically. So I suppose this shows it may be possible to switch if you have a professor behind your research and you can show the new school exactly why your research belongs with them and not at the other school. If you would want to leave specifically due to the rankings, I don't really have enough information to say for sure whether that is wise or unwise, but I think the consensus on this forum is generally that if you go to a good program that supports your work, and you produce good research, then the specific rank is not going to prevent you from teaching just about anywhere, except at perhaps the very top top schools. That being said, it can't hurt you to go to the (I'm assuming funded) MA and leave, right? I guess the only thing would be, if somehow you could foresee that you could not get in to the school you wanted in 2012, would you still go to the school at all?
  13. I've become mildly obsessed with the whole Seadub v. GenomicRepairman / Lily / the medieval lady (et al) ongoing debates in multiple posts on this forum. It is like a bad movie that I know is a waste of my time, but I just can't leave! I keep clicking refresh! Yesterday, I started imagining what it would be like to put everybody in a room (insulters and insulted, 1600 GRE and 1000 GRE, etc.), of course in the live bodies that I imagine you all to have. . . it would be like horrible-slash-awesome reality TV. I'm sorry to have reduced you all to this in my mind, believe me, you are providing me endless hours of entertainment, and in a sick and twisted way, I thank you for it and hope you do not take offense. Q: what do people think about all of this, are people's personalities the same in "real" life? Would the "good guys" and "bad guys" still play the same roles?Or is this online posting business just a way for people to let all of their aggression out in an anonymous way? Could Seadub and GenomicRepairman / Lily / the medieval lady (et al) end up getting along if they unknowingly found themselves at barstools next to one another? Also, please dear lord let me not be the only person sick and bored enough to be obsessed with this. . . PS, to the OP-- I agree with DrFaustus that the Powerprep software is both useful and informative, and though the appearance is a bit outdated, it works.
  14. Thanks for posting this question-- I'm in a similar situation myself. This website has contact info for entering CU students without IDs who are buying Macs: http://www.columbia.edu/acis/sales/ "Entering students without an active UNI: Email or call Ronnie Peters at Apple (ronnie_peters@apple.com, 646-256-9421) for special pricing and directions for ordering."
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