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  1. Jo I m not able to add u to FB friendship since on ur FB page there is no "offer friendship" . This is my FB try to offer
  2. Popo congrats that u got provisional admission. Now u need wait for final admission. Jo E for which program did u get admission?
  3. Masdar Institute Fall 2015 who is waiting?

    Sorry for late response. Certainly it is not for sure that u ll get final admission. Let's hope for the best!!
  4. Masdar Institute Fall 2015 who is waiting?

    Congrats Popo, now u need receive official letter of admission. What's ur profile?
  5. my status changed today, it reads as follows: Your application has been deferred to the next semester due to limited admissions slots. Admission for the next intake is not assured or guaranteed. Your application will be re-evaluated only after receiving your application again in the next admissions session. Happy New Year to every one! May this new year be promising and fulfilling for each of us!
  6. Umar5 I have the same- still under processing. Can u please share ur profile.
  7. The competition for admission to MI has been getting tougher since its 2011. And now according to my observation the GRE quant score of most admitted applicants is over 163. Certainly GRE is one of decisive factors. Eng.Abla I believe u better retake GRE and get at least 160 on quant section of GRE. If you are citizen of UAE then you ll have better chance of admission since 45-55% of students are local. For other universities with full scholarship you can find for example in this website: My application status is still the same- under processing; I got mail from MI saying that if some of admitted applicants cancels their offer which is very unlikely, then I can be offered their slot. But even if I don't get admitted, I ll retake GRE and TOEFL and then apply, for third time , to MI. Good Luck!
  8. My application status reads "application is still under processing". I got the same forms, filled out and sent to admission office a month ago. ARJS congrats on ur shortlisting !
  9. I mailed admission office 3 days ago, they said that chance of matriculation is slim, because of big pool of qualified applicants. My application status is still on waitlist. Engl.abla u better ask admission office and they will let u know about admission results.
  10. it's way weird way that there is few number of Masdar applicants online
  11. Howdy!! Please share your profile (GRE, TOEFl/IELTS, GPA, Work experience, papers, rewards), department, date of submission of application, application status, and any news/updates regarding Masdar admission results. GRE 309 (q160, AWA 3.5), TOEFL 94, 85% UG of Oil&Gas refinery, work experience 5 years, water and envir. engineering, application status: waitlist. Applied on November 3, got waitlisted on November 27.