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  1. Has anyone heard anything from New Mexico Tech?
  2. I wanted to get some opinions on the earth science program at McGill University in Montreal. I have been in contact with a professor there about a PhD position. My initial impression is that this is a very competitive program. Quite honestly, I think this tier of school might be a level above me, but I know admission can depend upon a variety of factors. Does anyone have any knowledge/opinions that they can share about the university or program in general?
  3. I haven't seen many future Missoulians around, but I thought I'd give this thread a shot . If you are headed to Grizz country, stop in and say hi.
  4. I am starting field work for my project in early August. For those of you who have field components to your projects, how does your advisor handle logistics (food, travel, transportation, lodging, etc..)? Do you pay out of pocket and get reimbursed for your expenses later? Is their a standard way this is handled? Perhaps this is a dumb question. I am curious how this works. I would ask my advisor, but I feel like I've bothered her enough with logistical questions. Thanks.
  5. I officially accepted my offer from Montana today. I am very excited. My advisor is terrific. I told her that I had concerns about living on the low stipend, and she worked to increase the offer substantially. I can't wait to go to Missoula!
  6. Not good enough, I'm afraid. Not exactly a huge fan of firearms either, so I may be screwed.
  7. So, here's a strange question... If I accept my TA offer, then my Master's project would likely involve a significant amount of time field mapping in western Montana. Does anyone know how prevalent dangerous wildlife (i.e. grizzly bears) encounters are in this area? I know that bear spray and making noise or having a mapping assistant are good deterrents. I guess my question is how nervous would you be spending at least a couple of months field time mapping in an area like this? Is it silly to worry about such things?
  8. Congrats! That's awesome news. Also, an excellent reason to stay optimistic this late in the application season.
  9. Prepare yourself for the droves of UT Austin rejection letters. They are out and they are spectacular.
  10. Is it necessary to email your POI and let them know that you are waiting on a decision from another school? What is the protocol here?
  11. That's interesting. I did not know that. How does one go about doing that?
  12. This place is dead. I thought this was the exciting part of the year.
  13. Apparently someone else got waitlisted at Northern Arizona. I got that same email today. This application season started out so promising.
  14. Thanks. My POI is tentatively expecting to hear back this month. I hope a decision comes before April 15.
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