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  1. I am interested to know if anyone has gone through the interview process for internships at Bloomberg. Ever do a recorded interview for them? What else were you challenged with? Thanks! JYP
  2. Hi all, I am trying to decide whether to go to Sciences Po or SAIS. I am an american and have heard from current students positive ratings and experiences about both schools. I am interested in going abroad, strengthening my French, and possibly working in Europe. However, I know employment there is already hard for EU citizens. SAIS has strengths like QUant and DC focus too besides it perhaps being better distinguished here in the US? What are your opinions about both schools given my background? The other issue is I will be debt free after Sciences Po. (I save alot)
  3. I think SAIS and MSFS both have great career development and training if you utilize these options while you are there. If you look at the employment output the majority of students from both programs tend to go private, but there is a large government contingency as well. For me, I am interested in the UN and international orgs, besides government so I am wondering if SIPA would be better than say Georgetown. I looked at the core for all these programs and they so similar. I think it really depends on how big you want your classes. I also think that Georgetown probably has a smaller alum
  4. Of the American programs, I only see SAIS and MSFS as true contenders for an acceptance. SAIS' strong economics vs. MSFS prestige. But of these schools which one ensures the most job output within the GOP and in the private sector? Fletcher seems to have the best flexibility and community atmosphere from my visit. They also award the most money out of these schools from what I see. LSE has a great reputation but I hear that there is no mentoring and you end up reading for the degree. Highly independent. Is there anyone out there that is weighing similar options? I feel lucky to have gotte
  5. What is your advice about this situation?
  6. Hi I got in! Do you know the ranking for this school? I just know they market themselves with SIPA and SAIS.
  7. Where do you find the rankings for IR Graduate Programs? ANY IDEAS
  8. Hello, I was recently deferred from the early action pool for Columbia's SIPA MIA program. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? This website suggests emailing the local admissions rep, stating your interest, and why you want to go. It also suggests more letters of recommendations. http://www.ivywise.com/newsletter_december11_deferred.html Is this appropriate, however, for grad school? Thanks, Louis
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