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  1. Anyone claiming the uiuc admit? It looks there is a movement on their waitlist.
  2. Oh, it must be a good experience. Thanks for the information.
  3. May I know when the visitation day of UIUC is?
  4. Oh, I see. Then, having an offer from Yale must be a great news to you. And, thanks for the clarification.
  5. Wow. You have so many great offers. Did you receive an official letter from Georgetown? I am not sure whether the department has officially sent out decisions.
  6. I see. I think I should contact the graduate coordinator of the program as you advised.
  7. I recently had an email from a program indicating me that the department would recommend my admission to the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies. However, it states, "That office will process your application only after you indicate that you accept this departmental recommendation...Please can you let us know at your earliest convenience whether you accept this recommendation by signing and returning this letter." Should I accept their recommendation when I decide to commit to this program? I think this process looks a bit weird since most schools do not let students decide whether they accept
  8. Since an applicant stated that his rank on the subfield waitlist is 7th, I think we can assume that Illinois has a very large waitlist.
  9. Among the schools you mentioned, I only applied to UIUC. However, it is certain that Rochester is a good place to study. Especially, the placement record looks really nice. http://www.sas.rochester.edu/psc/people/phd-alumni.php
  10. That is awesome. How were you notified?
  11. Oh, I completely misinterpreted your posting. Sorry about that. I would just simply ask about the status of my application.
  12. UIUC. Do you know we can search results on the results page? Here is the page address. https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=political&t=a&o=&pp=25 Although you find that some acceptances already sent out, you cannot figure out the status of your application. Maybe you are in their unofficial waitlists, or they have been still deliberating. It is also possible that they have not sent out rejections. So, in order to know the exact status of your application, you should ask to someone who has exact information.
  13. I only applied to one school that he mentioned. I personally asked the graduate coordinator about the status of my application. I think you made a bold assumption. How can I know whether Victor xu will release some information on this thread again?
  14. I think most programs that you mentioned sent out some acceptances several weeks ago. So, I think it is legitimate to ask the graduate coordinators of each program.
  15. Oh, so you contacted the department on that day. I am in the same boat. However, I think they have not sent out all acceptances. They would admit about 18-20 people if they target 8-10 new students. Then, I think at least 3-5 admitted students would post on the results page.
  16. Oh, thanks for the information. Was the first acceptance already posted on the results page, when you were talking with the DGS?
  17. I also did not have one. However, when I contacted the graduate coordinator for some issues in December, she told me that decisions would be sent out in the week. So, at least, they already planned to make decisions in the week in December. Thus, I think we do not have to give so much meaning to the generic email.
  18. Yeah. Hopefully, they have been still deliberating.
  19. Wow. It's awesome. Congrats! Should we assume that all acceptances were already sent out?
  20. I think this year's revealed GRE scores (in the results page) are way higher than previous years' scores. In fact, we just have heard from several good schools, like Wisconsin and OSU. However, I am overwhelmed by the scores.
  21. Wow. Your information is really specific. Thanks!
  22. Thanks for the information. I hope your interview goes well. May I know when you were notified? Did you post on the results page?
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