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  1. MermaidturnedMSW

    St. Louis, MO

    I wanted to thank everyone for answering all of my questions. I was able to find a great apartment in a safe area thanks to all of your experience!
  2. MermaidturnedMSW

    What type of social work will you do?

    Hi! I will start my MSW in the fall but I want to do macro work involving mental health awareness and outreach.
  3. MermaidturnedMSW

    St. Louis, MO

    At my undergrad parking on campus was like 300 for the year lol. How reliable is the Campus Circulator? I've been looking and I can take the MetroLink and then catch the Campus Circulator or I can just take the Metrolink into campus? Parking at Forest Park sounds great but it seems to be about a 15 min walk to the social work, which I'm not sure how feasible that would be in the winter? My undergrad was always super crowded in terms of parking but there was a free lot on campus if you were willing to walk a little further. Right now I think parking at Forest Park is my best bet but will my car be safe there? Is it safe walking there at night alone?
  4. MermaidturnedMSW

    Washington University in St. Louis medical school

    Thank you! Jeez the yellow pass is expensive. I'll probably take my chances parking at Forest Park and taking the Metrolink.
  5. MermaidturnedMSW

    Washington University in St. Louis medical school

    In thinking about housing, I was wondering how is the parking on Danforth campus at WashU? If parking was really crowded it would be beneficial for me to live a little closer but if it isn't too hectic then I could probably get away with living a little farther.
  6. MermaidturnedMSW

    Addressing cover letter?

  7. MermaidturnedMSW

    Addressing cover letter?

    I did get an email from one of the positions to set up a phone interview. I haven't heard from any of the others yet, but I'm excited!
  8. MermaidturnedMSW

    WUSTL Admitted Students Weekend

    Hi! I'm not able to attend but I hope you have an awesome time =]
  9. MermaidturnedMSW

    Addressing cover letter?

    I think the ones I applied for all decide mid April. Do you think they will do interviews?
  10. MermaidturnedMSW

    Addressing cover letter?

    Has anyone heard anything back from the committees?
  11. MermaidturnedMSW

    Addressing cover letter?

    Hey! I just addressed mine to the committee because I wasn't sure which faculty to send it to, and named the letter after the Fellowship. Good luck!! They said that we should hear back Mid April.
  12. MermaidturnedMSW

    Accepted at ASU Tucson today

  13. MermaidturnedMSW

    Fall 2015 Applicants

    Congrats everyone!!!
  14. MermaidturnedMSW

    University of Michigan MSW Applicants

    I got mine around 2 hours ago.
  15. MermaidturnedMSW

    University of Michigan MSW Applicants

    Nothing from fin aid yet.

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