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  1. I don't know much about that program - but I LOVE boulder! Congrats!
  2. Without revealing too much, I would say that it's probably too late. Interviewees didn't hear until 5 weeks post-interview, and rejections / acceptances for them have gone out.
  3. Feels so good to be done with this whole process!

  4. First - obviously I don't know you and anything about your application. So this is just my opinion in general. I honestly think it wouldn't help as much as the cost would hurt. Really. I know a lot of people do the MA thing first to make themselves a better PhD program candidate. But the cost is too much, IMO. Is this your first time applying to PhD programs? If this is your first round of applications, I would say to wait a year. Try to gain more research experience as an RA or lab manager and build connections. Then apply next round again, and include masters programs again. Go from
  5. LOL I've actually been keeping them / printing them out. Makes it a little more funny, a little less ouch.
  6. Yay, Congrats! Personally, I don't know yet - waiting to hear back from a school post-interview and I don't want to jinx it. Will share when I do. Social Psychology either way though!
  7. For those of you who have accepted offers from psych programs (and thus are in the clear - congrats!) would you care to share with us where you're going in the fall and what you'll be studying? Maybe we can find future classmates!
  8. How long do I wait in post-interview silence and just accept an offer from another school? :(

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    2. Sujie


      I am in the same boat. I have emailed them askind to give me any answer; 3 weeks later, still no response.

    3. mseph


      April 15th! Wait until you hear from them, if that's your better choice.

    4. Much Anxious Very Waiting

      Much Anxious Very Waiting

      I already emailed! They said "you should hear something soon" SMH

  9. Nope, sorry I'm waiting on another dept there, i don't think anyone has heard
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