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  1. It varies PI to PI, I got asked to do an informal interview in mid January.
  2. UCSC does not typically have formal interviews for their programs. That said, the interviews that do happen are typically over skype or phone. I know this because I am a current student, and have been told the basic process for admissions here.
  3. Was patrolling the halls of the psych department, when I got the email. I immediately ran to the first office door that was open to share the news. They were very excited, and brought me to share the news with the rest of my department. My undergrad advisors were very happy for me. I was also so ecstatic, as was everyone else.
  4. You should take your GRE 6-8 weeks before applications are due to ensure that they arrive by the due date if they are administered by paper, which is uncommon. otherwise take them up to four weeks before the due date,
  5. I got a 160(V) and a 150(Q) and was unofficial accepted to one of my top choice schools. (POI contacted me telling me I would be accepted, and the official letter would arrive in 10 days or so)
  6. HIMJoel

    Santa Barbara, CA

    Goleta and Isla Vista are cheeper, and closer to campus. Santa Barbara Proper is very very expensive.
  7. The location of the school in my opinion does not matter. What matters is the person you work with, so ask your self who are you happier working with, rather than a physical where question.
  8. Double[] college; college[]= new double[uCSC,Pitt,CMU,Drexel,Northwestern,Kent State]; i=0 While (true) { if (accepted){ if (funded) { if (math.random>.05) { print ("are you happy with outcome heads"+ college else print are you happy with outcome tails?+ college if no, attend. i++
  9. It depends on the university. Some schools have a direct admit system, meaning the POI has a 90% say in who gets in. Other schools have a committee that choses who gets in, and your POI does not have as much say. In those cases Fit matters, but its fit with the school not the POI.
  10. Apply to a Psychology program, my advice would be, to not ever ask the question "Where do I apply?" but it is better to ask "To whom , do I apply?". Find someone you would be happy working with for five or so years. And EMAIL them before you apply asking if they are taking grad students. This will get your name on the radar. It will also help with fit. Also taylor your research to fit those who you want to work with, or find an angle that fits theirs, and write about that in your personal statement.
  11. This is a brilliant idea, however I have some questions. When would this have occurred? Have you talked to any academics about this? Keep working on it though, and see if you can get it noticed, or researched in a lab with the math and simulations needed.
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