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  1. That's an interesting point. Can you elaborate on this?
  2. Read the 2 books if you have time. It's the best writing I've read in 10 years. No joke.
  3. WOW! If I was the Dean of any program at ANY university and lost the entire 1st year class and couldn't get more than 1 student for the next year's class, I'm pretty sure I'd be out of a job. One of the best MFA programs in the country is now a laughing stock. Pretty hard to do that in this amount of time.
  4. Wow! How this could get worse, I don't know! But it does, every time I read a new update on this sh#t show! If I had planned to matriculate into USC's 2015 MFA program, I would be looking for a new program. No joke. NO WAY I would go to USC with the continuing bad press and spectacular poor judgement of this administration. What could they be thinking? They keep digging the hole deeper. Could this get worse? Yes.
  5. What's it like dating in graduate school? Is it even possible to meet anybody at that time or is one to busy? Do you have a story to share?
  6. Isn't U of Chicago located on the south side? (Attending).
  7. Yikes! The city of Chicago had a serious violent outbreak this weekend. 47 shootings with 2 dead. That's one weekend, folks! Should we be concerned?
  8. PBS. WOLF HALL. Hillary Mantel's book about Thomas Cromwell. Really excellent. PBS all the time.
  9. This information is very important. I have two questions. Instate or out of state? Had you accepted Hunter or held back your acceptance?
  10. NYTreader

    Chicago vs NY

    The question to be answered: Is New York a affordable/liveable city for artists in 2015? As an artist is New York, can someone have a studio, work a job and live in an apartment? I hear of 1 12 hour commutes to go to Hunter/Cuny.
  11. Regarding Hunter Spring admit, If you are going in at Spring term, maybe that could give you a chance to establish New York residency for in-state tution? I'd look into it! Congrats to everyone!
  12. WOW! Decision by a gigantic committee. That always turns out well.
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